Everything asploded.

So here’s the short version of what happened:

My blogspot site and my google account associated with it were “compromised”, which basically meant I lost access to them for a short while for some mysterious reason. This, combined with the rash of other blogspot scanlation sites being killed recently has led me to believe that Google cannot be trusted and that I’d be better off finding a new place to set up shop. Fortunately, the Anonymous-Scanner was kind enough to provide me with a small little corner within his HUGE TRACTS OF INTERNET LAND, and set me up a blog. So here I shall remain for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, to avoid potentially “compromising” my google account further, I felt the safest course of action was to delete all my old posts there (after archiving everything of course). So, it will of course take me a bit of time getting things transferred over here. Hopefully no more than a couple of days, maybe a week at most. All posts are back up now. If you notice something’s broken or missing or wrong, please let me know in the comments and I’ll see about fixing it.

Now for the long version:

If you happened to check my blogspot site in the last couple of days, you may have noticed a blank page saying something to the effect of, “This blog no longer exists.”

The way I found out about this was when I went to log on to my blog’s email address, I was greeted with a friendly, “Your account has been compromised, please click here to find out what that means.” On the following page the very first sentence was something like, “If your account has been compromised, it probably means you violated the TOS or something.” What then immediately jumped to mind was, “Oh shit, it’s finally happened, someone’s phoned the Google police for my posting of illegal mango prawns and they’re shutting me down like all those other blogs!” And sure enough, upon checking the blog, I discovered it was gone. Not only this, but again, I lost total access to the email; which, while not my main email address for obvious reasons, I do still use for quite a few things.

Fast forward to today, after fucking around with some bullshit cellphone texting thing Google offered as a way to unlock my account, that magically solved everything. Email and blog restored. For what purpose I had to engage in this bullshit, I have no fucking clue, since if my account was actually “compromised” (ie, someone haxed it), all they would have had to do was enter their own cellphone information, so yeah… good job Google. Maybe it was some clever ploy to get me to give them my phone number so they could trace me and send the Googlevan to get me! Oh well…

Anyway, in light of this recent scare, I figured it best to disassociate myself from Google ASAP, to archive the old blog, and then nuke it from orbit (it is, of course, the only way to be sure). I appologize for the inconvenience of the files being temporarily unavailable, but this will all work out to be much safer and more reliable in the long-run. I will get everything reposted here as soon as I can (and as soon as I figure out this new WordPress crap). In the meantime, if you REALLY need one of my scans or something, they are all available on the Erotic Rapture forums.

One last minor note: Thanks for the new digs obviously go to the Anonymous-Scanner. So if you feel like it, go thank him or something… Actually that’s probably a bad idea, just thank him in your hearts!

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9 Responses to Everything asploded.

  1. lazydan says:

    good luck to you i hope evrything is back to normal soon

  2. Not Anonymous says:

    Good luck. Hope to see some more Black Dog in the near future. Thanks Anonymous, Thanks Bubbadg.

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  3. as363 says:

    Best of luck at your new place – Look forward to your new postings . Too many posters have been lost because of Trolls – this site will stop those A**H****.

  4. Naeko says:

    It looks like Google was merely preparing for the advent of ACTA which REQUIRES all the ISP to know for certain who the users are in case there is a complaint for prosecution. Thus, all the bloggers that they could not identify for sure had to go thru some variation method to become identified. The use of credit card is too controversial in terms of appearing on the news and making google look bad, so settling for a cellphone (which will translate into info on a bank account and other ID) is plenty good.


  5. bubbadg says:

    I appreciate you trying to share this information with me, but it reeks of tinfoil hat theory. There are a few problems with it:

    1) Google isn’t an ISP. If someone wanted to try and prosecute you for copyright infringement on Blogspot, it’s not up to Google to know all your personal information so they can hand it over to the authorities. Google would hand over whatever they have, the most likely and most useful piece of information being your IP address, and from there, they would trace you from your actual ISP (this is of course assuming you aren’t using multiple ISP’s by updating your blog all around town at free Wifi spots, libraries, etc).

    2) This theory might have SOME credence if not for the fact that, as far as I know, this was an isolated incident. I have not heard of EVERYONE with a Blogspot site suddenly having their Google account locked down around the same time as me, requiring submission of cellphone information. And if we’re just talking about blogs being checked like this because of accusations of copyright infringement, Google would be far more likely to just axe the blog permanently right there, rather than gather information for further down the line. Google doesn’t benefit by facilitating piracy for longer, just so they can hand over your information to the authorities when they come knocking later.

    3) The full details of ACTA still haven’t been released yet. Nobody has committed to anything yet, so why would Google pre-emptively want to keep tabs on people? Again, it doesn’t seem at all reasonable that even under ACTA, Google would be required to keep track of the personal information of every blogger they host, just in case one of them is accused of hosting pirated content.

    I understand that ACTA is something to be worried about, but there’s no sense in jumping to conclusions that anything strange happening on the internet is pre-emptive response to a treaty that isn’t complete, and nobody has signed yet.

  6. Scre says:

    good luck and thanks for all your work so far man!

  7. Oliver says:

    Hello Bubbadg, for a few seconds I believed your blog was dead for good and you were gone far far away, I’m SO glad to see you around again, Anonymous-Scanner is a kind guy :)

    Have you considered buying yourself a domain name ? Just ten dollars per year, you can have it anonymized to hide your real name and adress (in that regard, I’d recommend godaddy’s domainsbyproxy or namecheap’s whoisguard), and with that, you can move wherever you like, your visitors will just have to remember your domain…

    • bubbadg says:

      I’d considered it, yes, but honestly, for the piddly amount of traffic I attract here, I don’t even think it’s worth the $10. Half my downloads still come from the various forums I cross-post everything on. Either way, I feel fairly safe here. Assuming nothing… unfortunate… happens to the Anonymous-Scanner (or I don’t piss him off horribly to the point of deleting my ass), I feel like I can more or less consider this location permanent. And if by some magical stroke of improbability the number of visitors I get goes up by like 1000%, I can always look into getting my own domain at that point.

  8. miden says:

    Great to have you back! Glad to see you’re still here with us! Thanks for all your hard work! Anon is pretty frickin’ awesome!

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