[Benkyo Tamaoki] Sex Philes Issues 1-6 (English)

Title: Sex-Philes (issues 1-6)
Artist: Benkyo Tamaoki
Pages: 199
Download Resized Version: ( Hotfile )
Download Hi-Res Version: ( Hotfile )

Here’s another “classic” Eros series, Sex-Philes by Benkyo Tamaoki. The Sex-Philes series, according to the credits, is derived from three Japanese tankoubons: Poruno bakate de tsutakamaete, Hanaji-buu, and Eroi-hon. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find scans of any of the originals around (probably because this artist doesn’t seem particularily popular), but at 17 issues of 34ish page comics, the numbers certainly add up to being about 3 tanks. My guess is Eros re-ordered the chapters as they often do, so who knows what is from where. Regardless, because this is such a large undertaking, I’ve decided to break the series up into three releases, starting with the first 6 books for now. I would have had to break up the download links anyway, so it pretty much works out the same, and it means I don’t have to go even longer than I already am without an update.

I’ll try to keep the content description brief. As far as potentially objectionable content goes, one chapter has some almost-furry type things (they’re about on par with those catgirl things from FFXI, Mithra I think? which wasn’t bad, didn’t bother me at least) and one of them is a futa. In another there’s some baby-play or diaper-play, whatever you want to call it. Then there’s one with lesbians in an S&M type relationship. And then another has a bit of exhibitionism. All that aside, the rest is pretty vanilla stuff (including girl with severe tanlines, which is hot). Overall this is another older series I don’t remember being crazy about back in the day, but I’m enjoying it a lot right now. Expect the next batch in a week or so.

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