[NeWMeN] Secret Plot – Issues 1-4 Re-Scanned (English)

Title: Secret Plot (only issues 1-4 re-scanned)
Artist: NeWMeN
Pages: 102 (plus old, low-res scans of the rest of the series)
Download: ( Hotfile )
Raw Jap Download: ( Hotfile )

It should be apparent already by the title, but I’ve only scanned the “volume 1” trade paperback version of Secret Plot, which only includes the first four issues of the series. I’ve also included the old, low-res scans of the rest of the series, for those of you who may be new to the series as a whole. I’ve also included a seperate link to the raw, Japanese version of both complete tankoubons, because the aside from the lack of translation, the image quality is better on the raw scans than it is for the old versions of the stuff I haven’t scanned. Get it, or don’t, it’s not necessary, but I figured some people might want it.

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