[Nono] Manga Caliente (English)

Title: Manga Caliente
Artist: Nono
Pages: 123
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This one’s a bit of an oddity; more specifically, it’s not really manga. It’s neither by a Japanese artist, nor is it attempting to faithfully mimic the typical manga/anime style. It is, however, very blatantly inspired by manga styles, both in general technique and shading styles, as well as some of the characters possessing the typical manga facial traits. Though the body proportions (of the women at least) are more akin to Aeon Flux than any manga I can think of (that is to say, very sharp features, broad shoulders, ridiculously slender waists, giant hips and chests – and of course, being porn, enormous breasts).

Content wise, nothing objectionable, except maybe some incest and old man sex, but if you’re accustomed to reading h-manga, that’s par for the course.

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