[Suehirogari] Sexhibition AKA Exhibition and Heartache (English)

Title: Sexhibition (parts of Japanese books Exhibition and Heartache)
Artist: Suehirogari
Pages: 161
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Raw Download: ( Megaupload )

Another re-scan of a classic Eros series, as usual, from the graphic novel version. Sexhibition is made up of specific chapters picked from Suehirogari’s japanese books Exhibition and Heartache (about half and half from each), and as such there is another full book between the two that hasn’t been translated. I didn’t feel it was worthwhile to pick out the untranslated chapters and put them in with the English version (especially since it would look like a mess), so I’ve put the raw versions up as a seperate download. If you’re only interested in the english version, I’ve tossed in just the covers and stuff in a seperate folder as I always do.

This is by the same artist as Tag and Cage, which have both been scanlated. I haven’t read the latter, but the former, as I recall, was almost entirely about exhibitionism, which is largely what this book is about, so I imagine if you liked that, you’ll probably enjoy this one too. The second chapter has whacky transgenderism, futanari, etc in a digital world, but the rest is relatively tame. Not really much else to say about it. Enjoy.

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