[Black Dog] Killer Queen (English Re-Edit)

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This is an EDIT of mine, translated from the raw. Not one of my scans.
Title: Killer Queen
Artist: Black Dog
Info: 82 pages; 32mb for english version, 37mb for raw
Download English Version: ( Hotfile )
Download Raw: ( Hotfile )

The latest in my higher resolution re-edits of Black Dog’s SM doujin. This one comes after Submission Venus, chronologically. Again, more Jupiter rape, though this time a bit more of the coerced variety, rather than just brute force raping, and this theme carries on in the other Jupiter/Mercury+Electricus doujin, getting a little more comedic in nature I guess after this one. Regardless it’s still the, “OH NO DON’T RAPE ME… BUT IT FEELS GOOD… BUT NO…!” unrealistic ‘hentai’ rape, so make of it what you will.

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