[Black Dog] Submission Venus (English Re-Edit)

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This is an EDIT of mine, translated from the raw. Not one of my scans.
Title: Submission Venus (Hi-Res Re-Edit)
Artist: Black Dog
Pages: 74
Download English Version: ( Hotfile )
Download Raw: ( Hotfile )

The next in my higher resolution re-edits of Black Dog’s SM doujin. This one comes after Submission Mars, in terms of story order. If you’ve read any of the Submission books prior, you know what to expect, more or less in terms of content. This one in particular does have Artemis being turned into a catboy and forced to have sex with Minako, but other than that it’s about the same. If you’ve been keeping track, yes, the books are getting longer, and the next one I’m editting, Killer Queen, is even longer still. At the very least, from this point on, I do believe the sex scenes start gradually getting longer, relative to the overall length of the book.

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