[Distance] Michael Keikaku 1 (Japanese – Re-Scan)

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Artist: Distance
Title: Michael Keikaku Vol.1
Info: 170 pages, PNG format, ~1140×1600, 59mb for resized version, ~1760×2475, 128mb for hi-res version
Download Resized Version: ( Hotfile )
Download Hi-Res Version: ( Hotfile Part 1 ) ( Hotfile Part 2 )

Another higher quality re-scan; hard copy provided by Anonymous-Scanner.

I love pretty much everything by Distance, but this one in particular is one of my favourites, being the first Distance book I ever read, so I really enjoyed being able to give this one a better scanning, particularily given how awful the old scans are by comparison. Also, I’m not going to announce anything officially yet, but there is a very good chance this’ll be getting a re-translation as well; which is again very nice, given how horrible the old translation also is. If it does get a re-translation, I will be the one doing the editing, so you can check back here for when it’s done (and this of course will probably end up taking from a few weeks, up to a few months).

Content wise, if you’re at all familiar with this series, know that the predominant theme is of course that of transgenderism, in that the main character is magically transformed with a pill into a big-breasted woman, and hijinks (rape) ensues. This first volume in particular also has some pre-sex change scenes involving that same character at the beginning, and at the end, there’s some futa. Other than that, it’s basically all standard Distance material.

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