[Distance] My Slave (English – Revised Edition)

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Artist: Distance
Title: My Slave
Info: 170 pages, PNG format, ~1140×1600, 68mb for resized version, ~1760×2470, 141mb for hi-res version
Download Resized Version: ( Hotfile )( Megaupload )
Download Hi-Res Version: ( Hotfile )( Megaupload )

So here’s my revised version of Lhytiss’ translation of My Slave. I’ve gone into greater detail about what this is on the credits page, but just to explain briefly: Lhytiss did the translation and original editing draft, using my scans, and he provided me with his PSD files so I could work on cleaning up the grammar and punctuation a bit (English not being his first language, it had a few issues), and so, here’s the end result. I’ve also messed with the general editing style a bit to be more in line with what my editing usually looks like, and, using my limited knowledge of kana scripts, and a friend’s help, I did a some fixing and hole-filling of a few of the sound effect and moaning dialogue, etc.

Now, as for the content here, well, it’s Distance, so that always means huge breasts, and excellent sex scenes, with usually some sort of interesting story (and kind of “Dawwwwwww!” endings); and that is, of course, still the case here. The book’s split into two seperate stories: My Slave, and Distance, (the latter being much shorter) and then a small one-shot side story follow-up to My Slave. It’s all straight, normal, consensual* sex (apart from the last chapter of “Distance”, which has incest), so presumably nothing anyone would find offensive.

(*Consensual, if you ignore the fact that the story of My Slave implies some kind of sinister undertones. Namely, that in this story’s world, women are bought, sold, and trained for the purpose of sexual slavery. Though, on the surface, none of this is really explored, presumably for the purpose of keeping things from being too disturbing. Though, by ‘hentai’ standards, that still probably ranks pretty low…)

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