[Black Dog] Gold Experience – Complete (English – Re-Scan)

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Title: Gold Experience (Complete Compilation)
Artist: Black Dog
Info: 194 pages; ~1150×1600, 74mb for resized version; ~2180×3025, 227mb for hi-res version
Download Resized Version: ( Hotfile )( Megaupload )
Download Hi-Res Version: ( Hotfile Part 1 ) ( Hotfile Part 2 )

So here it is, finally, with the last clump of smaller things in this compilation done, Gold Experience has been completely re-edited. From the time I first received the book until completion it’s been only almost… four months .-. Keeping in mind of course, that I’ve stopped to do other things along the way (many of which are behind the scenes stuff for now), but it still seems like an awfully long time. Anyway, it was originally my plan to offer “Part 3” as a seperate download for those of you who already got the first two parts, but I ended up with a few minor mistakes in the previous parts that had to be corrected, as well as one major one (namely, I forgot to optimize the files properly for the first two releases), so I figured I should just start fresh with the full thing all at once here. Sorry if that results in a bit of extra downloading. I’ll be taking down the old files now, to avoid further confusion and clean things up a bit.

In case you’re just joining in here, this compilation book of Black Dog’s includes the following:
-Submission Saturn
-Submission Sailormoon
-Baby Face
-Talking Head and Judgement mini-chapters, and a couple of other shorts and omake (which are exclusive to this book, not reprints)

Submission Saturn, featuring Saturn (with a little bit of futa), is about as close to loli as Black Dog gets (which is to say, not very, in my opinion), Submission Sailormoon is more of the regular “Submission” series, and Baby Face is Black Dog’s first foray into his “Super Chikandensha” series (train gropers/rape). So there you have it.

As for what Black Dog doujin I’ll be redoing next… well, I was originally going to keep going in order of the “main” Submission series until it was complete, which would mean doing Submission Sailorstars next. However, Sailorstars being a single, collossal, 154 page doujin… which is to say, it can’t really be broken up into neat little “parts”… I don’t really want to partake in that kind of large commitment again just yet. So I’m thinking before I get to that I might work on some of the smaller side-story stuff first. And of course there’ll be more Muchi Navi chapters coming soon I expect.

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