[Black Dog] Hierophant Green (Japanese – Re-Scan)

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Artist: Black Dog
Title: Hierophant Green (Revised Edition)
Info: 30 pages; ~1150×1600, 12mb for resized version; ~2180×3025, 39mb for hi-res version
Download Resized Version: ( Hotfile )( Megaupload )
Download Hi-Res Version: ( Hotfile )( Megaupload )

First off, just take note that this is the revised edition of the book, which if you’re not familiar with how Black Dog “revises” his books, you can read about it in this article posted at the top. And yes, I know the revised edition of this book has been scanned before, I’m just pointing it out… I re-scanned this primarily for the same reason I re-scan everything.

Second, at the time of releasing this Phantom had agreed to translate it. He has since completed it, and you can get it at his blog. I’m still trying to negotiate him giving me the PSD’s so I can reprocess it for hi-res, but I haven’t heard from him in a while.

Anyway, all that aside, this is Black Dog, so it’s more or less what you’ve come to expect out of his stuff. It’s worth noting that this particular book is the only Neptune-based one he’s ever done… not that I’m a big fan or anything, just thought I’d mention it.

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