[Po-Ju] Secret Journey Complete (English)

This is an EDIT of mine, translated from the raw. Not one of my scans.
Title: Secret Journey (Complete Series)
Artist: Po-ju
Pages: 226
Download: ( Hotfile )

This was my first edit job. The “Nameless Translator” over at Anonymous-Scanner’s blog was looking for volunteers to do the editing on the 7th chapter of Secret Journey, and I figured after a year of cleaning my own manga scans and doing the occasional patchwork and editting of colour pages from the raws and what not that I’d give it a shot. In the end, I don’t think it turned out half-bad, though it certainly took far longer than I expected. Also note that this is the final chapter in the series (at least unless Po-Ju decides to do some one-shots using these characters).

Originally I just had a link to the chapter I worked on, but since it can be difficult to track this stuff down (and I don’t think ALL the chapters are available on Anonymous-Scanner’s site), I just posted the whole series as one download.

Content wise, if you aren’t already familiar with the series, it’s mostly a kind of shota-looking protagonist being taken advantage of by horny, big-breasted demon women. This chapter in particular has some tentacle action being perpetrated against said women, as well as the protagonist getting with a more loli-esque demon woman. If that sounds like your thing, there you go. Also: Magical glasses that give you super powers when someone splooges on your face = best plot device ever.

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