Regarding Black Dog posts below…

Just a quick note on the 5 Black Dog re-edits of mine below. When I originally did these, I did so because the existing Black Dog translations of them used extremely poor, low-res scans, and upon finding some scans that were a fair bit better, I decided to re-edit the english translation into them.

Since then, I have begun purchasing my own Black Dog doujin to re-scan and re-edit from scratch. So, while the quality on the books below is better than the old scans from several years back, it is not up to par with what I’m producing now (see all my Black Dog scans above). At present, I own almost every Black Dog doujin in one form or another; some are part of compilation volumes (because it was cheaper to get them that way), but all in all, I have just about everything.

What this means is that the ones you see below will eventually be re-scanned and re-re-edited, but this will most likely not be until probably everything else Black Dog that I own has been done.

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