The Great Black Dog Library

If you’ll look to the top of the page on the black bar there, you’ll see a new link called “The Great Black Dog Library”. If you have any interest in Black Dog, you may want to check this out.

It’s something I started working on several months back, and only just got around to posting. Effectively, it’s intended to be a giant list of all Black Dog’s books, with release date and trivia information; and eventually, download links for everything (Japanese raw and English translated versions). I will be adding to it as I scan/re-edit more Black Dog works. It’s also a good way to see what books I own and will be scanning in the future (which is almost everything at this point).

Feel free to leave me feedback there in the comments, or if you have any additional information for me to add, but DO NOT ask me, “Where is the download link for X?” As I said, it is still under construction, and download links will be added as things are completed. Or in the case of things I won’t be re-scanning myself, they’ll be added when I feel like adding them.

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  1. Anoniichan says:

    Where is the download link for X?

  2. Mindflayer says:

    Hm, I am sure there will be something nice that don’t already have, thank you very much!

  3. PAIZURI-RAVEN 9 says:

    You’re awesome, man !!! Thanks to you I’ll be able to work on future scanlations. I was desperate for finding hi-res copies of Black Dog’s Sailor Moon doujins !
    The truth is that I am a newbie in Scanlation work, but one thing I learned is that I cannot work on low-res and that working on RAWS is always better. Thanks to you and the fantastic job you’ve done, I will be able to continue my works and, eventually, improve the quality of my works !

    Thank you very much, you are my savior !

    P.S. By the way, do you plan to scan hi-res versions of other artists ?
    Please do not misunderstand me, I don’t want to make any requests.
    I am just curious about who are your favorite artists ? Mine are mostly : Izayoi Seishin, Kyouta Izumi, Hidemaru, Millefeuille, Oda Non, Miyabi Tsuzuru, Nori-Haru, Chiba Shuusaku (Circle Outerworld), Hellabunna (Iruma Kamiri), Nakayohi Mogudan, U.R.C. , Ran Hiryuu, Chatarou and Horikawa Gorou.
    Good luck and take care, my friend !

    • bubbadg says:

      First off, just out of curiosity, which books were you planning to translate? Just want to clarify, because most of them have already BEEN translated (and hence why I plan to re-edit them). Though maybe you planned to translate them into a language other than English?

      As for plans for other hi-res re-scans… I have couple dozen books that Anonymous Scanner has given me to do, but I kind of don’t feel like digging out the list of them right now. Though it is maybe worth noting that there are a lot of Shiwasu no Okina books in there (most of them in the Shining Musume series). If you REALLY want a complete list of all the tankoubons Anonymous Scanner’s given me, I can dig that up some other time.

      Then of course there’s my personal collection of U.R.C doujin which will all be scanned eventually, though I’m not sure I plan to go out of my way to acquire ALL of them like I have with Black Dog, there are still quite a few.

      And then of course there are the four books I just acquired recently that I mentioned in the newest post on the main page (Alice and Rindou books).

      As for my favourite artists… I dunno, other than Black Dog and U.R.C, which are definitely among my favourites, there are really too many artists/circles out there that I really like to make a complete list of, but here are a few: Distance, Millefeuille, Shiwasu no Okina, Tetrodotoxin, Insert, Inu, Inoue Yoshihisa, Jingrock, Royal Koyanagi, Sago Jou, Yukiyanagi, Tuna Empire, Udon Ya, Yamatogawa, Kozo Yohei, Johji Manabe… I’m probably forgetting a whole bunch here, and then there are other artists that I would like a lot more if they did more work. So yeah…

      • PAIZURI-RAVEN 9 says:

        Hello Bubbadg (I just hope to spell it correctly… ^_^) !

        Well, actually, I was planning to translate those in french and italian (I am bilingual). But I can’t work with what I find on the net because most of the time, the scans are of poor quality, with shadows on the sides, sometimes they have been scanned while the paper wasn’t standing properly and sometimes, you can even see through it and you can read text from the page behind it ! You don’t believe me ? try reading the last two issues of “Natsukaze !” (Yotsubato’s parodies).

        Actually, I always wanted to start doing scanlations, but I never had the guts to do it (plus, I never had the tools to do it too…) but when I saw some guys posting their own works translated in VERY BAD French, I decided to start.

        Well… This isn’t exactly a “crusade against mistakes”, this is more some kind of a challenge for me, since I am doing Translation studies at university and I know Italian, French, English, Dutch, Japanese and I am starting Spanish too, this just HAD to happen, hahaha !! Let’s say that by doing this, I am coupling fun with work !

        Now I am working on some other translations, but the problem is that I really don’t have enough time !!

        P.S. since you don’t seem to like the majority of the authors I’d like to work on, could I ask you if you’d happen to know some other guys like you who scan mangas and doujins in hi-res ? Maybe someone who has Hellabunna’s “Rei Slave to the Grind” or “Midgard” ? Thanks a lot in advance, man !

        Take care and keep up the great job !!! :-)

        • >>Paizuri-Raven 9:

          Some Hellabunna books are on my long list of eventual rescans. I can’t say when I’ll get to any of it though.

        • bubbadg says:

          ^First off, see what Anonymous Scanner had to say above.

          Second, I really don’t know of any other scanners out there, apart from Anonymous Scanner and myself that scan stuff at hi-res like this – or at least they don’t release the hi-res versions publicly, if they do them. Scanners that know what the fuck they’re doing in general are kind of a rarity, and I get the feeling that most of them don’t even do it long enough to get better at it.

          • PAIZURI-RAVEN 9 says:

            Hmm… That’s not really encouraging, but thanks for the info !! ^_^
            So people like you and Anonymous Scanner are a rarity ? How come nobody else who can does the job ?!? Come on !!! The Hentai community is so large that people like you guys are NEEDED ! And I am sure people like Saha and desudesu have the tools to do rescans… Scanners are our only hope. Otherwise, how could we provide good quality scanlations to fans ?

            Take care Bubbadg and thanks again for the great sailor moon doujins !

            To Anonymous Scanner : Thanks for saying, I’ll keep an eye on the net to see if you’re releasing something.

            P.S. Have you heard about the Hentai ban in Japan ? Now Tokyo has transformed into a battlefield for major hentai artists ! Let’s hope it doesn’t become a total ban spread nationwide, otherwise we can kiss our favourite hentai mangakas goodbye !!! (well… not really kiss them, but…)

          • bubbadg says:

            Well, just to clarify, we’re not the only people producing what I feel are GOOD scans, but we’re basically the only ones who also release the hi-res versions consistently (that I know of, anyway).

            The reason more people don’t release stuff at hi-res like this is something I’m not entirely sure of. In the past the reason would have been because a) Most monitors weren’t capable of resolutions large enough to display them at full size, and b) Filesizes were more of a concern in years past. I think a lot of people are just kind of stuck in the “old ways”. Personally, I’ve also noticed that about half of the downloads are for the resized versions of my scans, so apparently there are a lot of people out there who prefer them at the “normal” size. Also keep in mind that a huge portion of scans are still coming from Japanese people who don’t so much care about scanlation.

            As for why people don’t re-scan older books, the answer is much simpler: Japan produces a LOT of manga, far more than anyone can actually consume. And so people are generally only interested in what is new. And because people are only interested in new things, scanners mostly only bother scanning things that haven’t already been scanned. They feel it’s a “waste of time” do redo something that’s already been done. Also there’s the issue of older books sometimes being very rare and/or expensive, and scanning books at the level of quality that AS and I do requires destroying said book.

            As for SaHa and desudesu re-scanning stuff… they probably could. I know SaHa HAS scanned things before. But keep in mind these guys translate for money. They aren’t going to spend their own money on books to scan.

            Finally, as for the Hentai situation in Japan… I’m not going to worry about it just yet. Every year or so for the past little while, there has been some sort of stirrings in the government there about banning this or that, and people on the internet freak the fuck out, and in the end, very little changes. The Japanese government isn’t going to 100% kill hentai overnight. The industry is far too big, and the demand for that sort of content too great for them to just kill it entirely. And if they do introduce new laws that regulate it in some way, the industry will find loopholes like they always do. Keep in mind that Japan already effectively bans pornography entirely, and the way they get around this is by censoring the genitals.

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