The Great Black Dog Library

If you’ll look to the top of the page on the black bar there, you’ll see a new link called “The Great Black Dog Library”. If you have any interest in Black Dog, you may want to check this out.

It’s something I started working on several months back, and only just got around to posting. Effectively, it’s intended to be a giant list of all Black Dog’s books, with release date and trivia information; and eventually, download links for everything (Japanese raw and English translated versions). I will be adding to it as I scan/re-edit more Black Dog works. It’s also a good way to see what books I own and will be scanning in the future (which is almost everything at this point).

Feel free to leave me feedback there in the comments, or if you have any additional information for me to add, but DO NOT ask me, “Where is the download link for X?” As I said, it is still under construction, and download links will be added as things are completed. Or in the case of things I won’t be re-scanning myself, they’ll be added when I feel like adding them.

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