[Sakaki Utamaru] Muchi Navi – Complete (English)

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Artist: Sakaki Utamaru
Title: Muchi Navi Complete
Info: 186 pages, mostly PNG format; 1115×1600, 115mb
Download: ( Hotfile )( Megaupload Part 1) ( Megaupload Part 2)

Chapter 9’s done, and with that the whole book is complete.

So, with the last chapter of Muchi Navi complete, here is the complete collection of the whole book translated into english. No, there is no seperate upload for just chapter 9. I had originally planned to have a seperate download for it so you could add it to the previous chapters, but in the end I wound up making a number of corrections to the previous chapters, as well as reprocessed all the images to fix some quality issues I had overlooked initially. So if you collect scanlations like I do (and I assume most of you do), you will want the whole thing looking better anyway. And if you just wanted to read chapter 9 and then delete it… sorry, you’ll have to get the whole thing.

As the cover image states, Muchi Navi is a “Guide to big boobs and big hips and a large promiscuous sex.” Engrish aside, that more or less sums up the content here. Big curvy girls having big sloppy sex. It’s mostly high-school themed, with some incest, some gangbangs, and some cosplay… you know, the usual hentai stuff. All in all a very good book I’d say.

A big thanks to Kidneys for the translation here, myself for editing, Kuando for scanning the book, and an anonymous friend of mine who we will refer to as “Captain Awesome” for additional proofreading to help reduce the number of fuck-ups on my part. We started this back in March, and it’s been a long six months working on this in addition to other projects, and real life crap, but there you have it.

By the way, if you llike Sakaki Utamaru’s work here, kidneys translated his (her?) previous two books a while back. Kidneys says they’re better than this one, and I can’t really remember, so I’ll take her word on it. If you’re interested in checking those out, I believe you can still look them up on the Erotic Rapture forums.

Finally, Kidneys and I will be working on another project together probably starting next month. I can’t say 100% for certain what yet, but we are leaning towards Hiroshi Eguchi’s “Amazing Sufferings For Haruka Hikawa”, a book I’m in the process of re-scanning. If not that, then possibly one of the Kirara Moe books I have.

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14 Responses to [Sakaki Utamaru] Muchi Navi – Complete (English)

  1. AriesWarlock says:

    Hey bubbadg, you ever gonna finish the rest of the Secret Plot books?

    • bubbadg says:

      Unfortunately, the rest of the Secret Plot series is out of print. The copy of the parts I had was difficult enough to come by as it was.

      I do however have copies of a more recent reprint of the Japanese versions of Secret Plot and Secret Plot Deep, which I plan to scan eventually. Unfortunately again, these versions are pretty heavily censored, so I’m not sure if it’d be worth the effort of re-editing them into English…

  2. Ehud says:

    Many thanx bubbadg for completing his great story.

  3. MrWoooooo says:

    where can i download the single chpt?

  4. 3333h says:

    Thanks a lot for this bubbadg…and i hope someday you will have time to redo the Shining Musume volumes^^

    Sorry for the request, but it’s my deeper wish^^

    • bubbadg says:

      Well, re-scanning the books as they are would be easy enough to do, and I feel like maybe I should get around to doing more raw scans sometime. However, re-editing them into english is a COLLOSSAL undertaking that I just can’t see myself doing anytime soon.

      That’s not to say I won’t be doing it. It’s just really low on my list of priorities. Shiwasu no Okina’s books are a LOT of work to edit… far more work than most (not as much as Black Dog, but that’s another story). That being said, before I even consider doing those, I will definitely be doing Sei So Tsui Dan Sha first, since that is by far my favourite SnO book.

      I wish I had more time to commit to scanning and editing things these days, but unfortunately, real life things and other projects of mine take priority.

      • 3333h says:

        The fact is this: only to say that Shining Musume is in your “to do” list, even if very low, make me happy.

        Waiting for you and, again, thanks a lot for ALL your work^^

  5. Anonymous says:

    > his (her?)

    “His”, according to Wikipedia. (Couldn’t find any primary sources for that, though.)

    • bubbadg says:

      Fair enough. I tend to never assume one way or another with h-manga artists, when most author names are usually fake pen names (Sakaki I feel like could go either way), and also, something like nearly half of them are women. Granted, a large number of them are probably yaoi artists, but still…

      • Anonymous says:

        [ Hmm, I tried posting this over a week ago, but I see it never did go through. So, let’s see if this gets past the auto-filter: ]

        Actually, “Sakaki” is his family (pen) name, isn’t it? “Utamaru” is the given name.

        But yeah, pen names can’t always be trusted, and I’d guess that’s probably especially true for ero mangaka. It goes both ways, though. E.g., I believe Mita Kurumi is a guy who intentionally chose a feminine pen name (see interview at ero.manga-studies dot com/?p=article&bid=26 ). And meanwhile, Tsukimori Masako (a feminine pen name, used when writing for a female audience) switches her given name to “Masato” (a masculine name) when creating manga for a male audience.

        When writing/drawing for guys, I guess some men want to go for the “This was made by a woman? That’s hawt!” factor, while some women probably are afraid some readers would assume “Surely a woman would lack the necessary intuitive sense of what us guys would find most appealing.”
        Plus, I guess a gender-switched pen name may help provide an additional degree of obfuscation, in order to preserve oneself’s anonymity, and avoid bringing shame or embarrassment to one’s family, and all. (Furthermore, I wonder if there are ever significant cases of female H mangaka stalking, providing yet more incentive for women to misrepresent their gender?)

        And on a completely unrelated note:
        Is your blog’s subtitle (or whatever it’s called) a reference to ‘Super Bon Bon’? If so, I gave that CD another listen the other day, and just thought I’d point out that there’s no “up” in the original lyrics. It’s just “Move aside, and let the man go through, let the man go through.”

        • bubbadg says:

          Er, yeah, sorry about that. I just checked the spam box and your comment got lost in there, probably because you put the link to that interview in the “website” field of your user information… which WordPress interprets as spam (which, 99% of the time is correct, because I get tonnes of people posting HEY NICE SITE with their website field filled out with whatever bullshit they’re advertising). That being said, that does kind of defeat the purpose of having a website field for the user, but whatever. Anyway, you ended up reposting everything you said there, so I just deleted it rather than having it repeat.

          And yeah, you’re probably right about Utamaru being the “given” name. It’s hard to tell though which is given and which is family, since a) Proper Japanese format is family first, given second, b) Japanese books themselves don’t always follow they format, and switch them to “western style” frequently for whatever reason, and c) The people who post the books often either leave them Japanese style, OR switch them. So unless you actually recognise which names are family names and which are given, it’s difficult to tell… especially when you’re dealing with mangaka names which are frequently made up pen names as well.

          I don’t want to spend too much time further elabourating on the whole male/female mangaka thing, but yes, there are reasons for lying about gender on all sides of things. Though I would assume the men posing as women for the sake of increasing readership is probably somewhat rare… since there’s only so far you can take things by lying to your fans. And just SAYING you’re a woman in writing isn’t very compelling, compared to someone like Yonekura Kengo – author of Pink Sniper, Warau Kangofu, and a bunch of yaoi stuff – who is apparently very hot, and has somewhat of a reputation as such.

          Yes, sub-title of my blog is a reference to the Soul Coughing song. Yes, I know the lyrics aren’t correct. It’s more like a meta reference to the way people frequently quote that song; because the later line is “Move up and let the man go, let the man go through through”, so both lines sort of get combined. As well as “man go” being heard as “mango”, obviously.

  6. EmblemX93 says:

    Great manga.Muchi Navi is one of the best h-mangas i’ve ever read.Thanx bubbadg for scanlating it,you did an excellent job on this.Just as a request,if you have time,would you mind scanlating “Nuki X Sen” a h-manga also by Sakaki Utamaru,i would very much appreciate it.

    • bubbadg says:

      1) As I explained in the main post, I didn’t translate this, I did the editing. Kidneys translated it. Therefore, I cannot take requests for translating things.

      2) Kidneys actually wasn’t very fond of this book compared to previous Sakaki Utamaru books, and told me that she was even less interested in his most recent book (Nuki X Sen). So the chances of her wanting to translate it, and thus the chances I’ll be doing the editing on it, are very slim. Sorry.

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