[Sakaki Utamaru] Muchi Navi – Complete (English)

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Artist: Sakaki Utamaru
Title: Muchi Navi Complete
Info: 186 pages, mostly PNG format; 1115×1600, 115mb
Download: ( Hotfile )( Megaupload Part 1) ( Megaupload Part 2)

Chapter 9’s done, and with that the whole book is complete.

So, with the last chapter of Muchi Navi complete, here is the complete collection of the whole book translated into english. No, there is no seperate upload for just chapter 9. I had originally planned to have a seperate download for it so you could add it to the previous chapters, but in the end I wound up making a number of corrections to the previous chapters, as well as reprocessed all the images to fix some quality issues I had overlooked initially. So if you collect scanlations like I do (and I assume most of you do), you will want the whole thing looking better anyway. And if you just wanted to read chapter 9 and then delete it… sorry, you’ll have to get the whole thing.

As the cover image states, Muchi Navi is a “Guide to big boobs and big hips and a large promiscuous sex.” Engrish aside, that more or less sums up the content here. Big curvy girls having big sloppy sex. It’s mostly high-school themed, with some incest, some gangbangs, and some cosplay… you know, the usual hentai stuff. All in all a very good book I’d say.

A big thanks to Kidneys for the translation here, myself for editing, Kuando for scanning the book, and an anonymous friend of mine who we will refer to as “Captain Awesome” for additional proofreading to help reduce the number of fuck-ups on my part. We started this back in March, and it’s been a long six months working on this in addition to other projects, and real life crap, but there you have it.

By the way, if you llike Sakaki Utamaru’s work here, kidneys translated his (her?) previous two books a while back. Kidneys says they’re better than this one, and I can’t really remember, so I’ll take her word on it. If you’re interested in checking those out, I believe you can still look them up on the Erotic Rapture forums.

Finally, Kidneys and I will be working on another project together probably starting next month. I can’t say 100% for certain what yet, but we are leaning towards Hiroshi Eguchi’s “Amazing Sufferings For Haruka Hikawa”, a book I’m in the process of re-scanning. If not that, then possibly one of the Kirara Moe books I have.

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