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So, you may have noticed I just posted a whole tonne of Black Dog scans, as well as a new raw tankoubon today. You also may have noticed that I haven’t had any new translated materials in quite some time (2 months since I finished Muchi Navi, 3 months since the last Black Dog translation). I’d just like to clarify that this doesn’t mean I won’t be doing any translated stuff in the future, it’s just that: a) I’ve been busy lately, b) Raw scans take a lot less time and effort to produce than editing translations in, and c) Black Dog editing is especially time consuming and tedious.

Anyway, in addition to the Milk Cure book below (which I already mentioned, Kizlan plans to take care of himself), I have also acquired a few other tankoubons that I plan to scan and re-edit sometime in the future:

  • Rindou – Asuka and Shizuru
  • Mashumaru Jyuubaori – Alice FIRST
  • Mashumaru Jyuubaori – Alice SECOND
  • Rindou – Ryoujoku no Rensa

And they will probably be done in that order. Asuka and Shizuru I am especially looking forward to working on, so that will probably be done sooner rather than later. Also, yes, those Alice books are what were published in English as “Alice in Sexland”. These are the original Japanese books that I will be redoing with those translations.

I know it maybe seems silly to be lining up even MORE work for myself when I already have basically the entire Black Dog catalogue that I plan to re-edit. But as I said before, Black Dog stuff is extremely taxing to work on, and so working on other, lighter faire is sort of a “break” for me. Also, I do have interests other than Black Dog :X

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