[Matsuzawa Kei] Milk Cure (Eng – Hi-Res)

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Title: Milk Cure
Artist: Matsuzawa Kei
Info: 162 pages; ~1140×1600, 111mb for resized version; ~1755×2470, 248mb for hi-res version
Download Resized Version: ( Hotfile )( Megaupload Part 1 ) ( Megaupload Part 2 )
Download Hi-Res Version: ( Hotfile )( Megaupload Part 1 ) ( Megaupload Part 2 ) ( Megaupload Part 3 )

Now, fully translated by Kizlan, here’s Milk Cure in English.

Pretty much all of the credit goes to him for this one. I mean, I guess I was the one who bought and scanned the book, but aside from that, all I did was some minor editing and suggestions, and then proofread the thing. The actual translation and bulk of the editing work was on him, and he was just nice enough to let me go around posting it.

So if you feel like it, go to his blog and thank him, and while you’re there, you might want to check out some of his other translations, if /d/ material such as this is to your liking, as he’s done quite a bit of it.

As for the content rundown of this book, I’ll try and keep it brief: Girly looking dude’s older sister makes him play some MMORPG thing where he plays as a female version of himself, and is magically transported into the game world and becomes that character, where he is then raped by tentacle monsters and whatnot. Other girls join him, (s)he turns into a futa, more monsters have sex with them, etc etc. So yeah, fun all around if you like tentacle/monster sex and/or futa.

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