[Rindou] Asuka and Shizuru (Jap – Re-Scan – Hi-Res)

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Title: Sen Hime Madou Den Asuka and Shizuru
Artist: Rindou
Info: 162 pages, mostly PNG format; ~1135×1600, 101mb for resized version; ~1755×2480, 221mb for hi-res version
Download Resized Version: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )( Megaupload )
Download Hi-Res Version: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )( Megaupload Part 1 ) ( Megaupload Part 2 ) ( Megaupload Part 3 )

So, since I’ve finished re-editing the first two chapters of this book into English, I figured it was time to post my raws.

The content is somewhat similar to Milk Cure, which is to say, lots of tentacle rape and monster sex with a fantasy theme. This one contains no futa or transgendery type stuff though, just the titular characters being raped a bunch.

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