[Black Dog] Beach Boy (Jap – Re-Scan – Hi-Res)

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Title: Beach Boy
Artist: Black Dog
Info: 46 pages; ~1150×1600, 22mb for resized version; ~2170×3010, 66mb for hi-res version
Download Resized Version: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )( Megaupload )
Download Hi-Res Version: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )( Megaupload )

Finally, another Black Dog re-scan! This one’s basically a sequel to Pearl Jam, except that it features all the main Sailor Senshi except Mars. Same premise as Pearl Jam too… evil spirits, getting groped with oil by shinto priests, then getting raped, except now there are more girls! Also, Rei’s grandfather joins in on this one, where he was excluded on Pearl Jam to avoid the incest angle I guess (a “problem” Black Dog appears to have rectified with his recent Pearl Jam 2 book).

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