So, sorry about taking a while to getting around to adding the Megaupload mirrors to my recent posts here, since I usually try to put them up within a few days/week of making a post, but uhh… well, my parents’ house just recently burned down. As I make this post, I do so from my laptop in a hotel room.

I won’t go into details of my living situation with them, but suffice to say that I live nearby but seperate from them, so fortunately for me, my stuff is all okay, and I still have a home to go back to eventually.  Unfortunately, the water and electrical systems in my house were dependent on theirs, and so I can’t exactly live there right now. And of course, unfortunately for them, they lost everything. They have insurance, but insurance companies being what they are, they’re doing everything in their power to save money by way of making things as slow and painful as possible for us.

I do have some mango related things to work on here when I have nothing else to do, but just don’t be surprised if it takes a little while before I’m posting “normally” again (ie, potentially a few weeks or more). Not that I post all that frequently in general, but I WAS planning on posting a few more things back before this all happened.

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