Welp… Part 2

I am finally back in my house after 4 long weeks of staying in a hotel. Actually, I got back in the house last Friday, but it’s taken me some time to get things in order. Not a whole lot has changed in general, but the fact that I am at least back in my house with water and electricity means that things can start to return to some sense of normalcy… for me at least.

Anyway, coincidentally, it is April 1st, and I hadn’t planned on some sort of “clever” April Fool’s joke. Honestly, I kind of just wish April Fool’s jokes on the internet would die because 99.99% of them are just dumb and played out, but whatever. I figured instead that I’d just post some porn, as you can see below. This is the first of many things I worked on while I was out of the house with little else to do for the past month, so here’s a little list of what you can expect in the next little while:

  • the rest of Asuka and Shizuru
  • Haruka Hikawa ch. 2 (english)
  • [Black Dog] Diver Down (english re-edit)
  • [Black Dog] The Grateful Dead (english re-edit, complete)
  • [Black Dog] Sheer Heart Attack (english re-edit)
  • [Shiwasu no Okina] Sei So Tsui Dan Sha (first couple chapters; english re-edit)

And that’s just what I’ve already got mostly done and in the proofreading/uploading phase. I will probably also get around to scanning/cleaning some raws in the next little while as well. Anyway, that’s it for now.

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