[Hiroshi Eguchi] Haruka Hikawa Ch.2 (Eng – Hi-Res)

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Title: Amazing Sufferings for Haruka Hikawa Ch. 2 (Hikawa Haruka no Amazing na Junan)
Artist: Hiroshi Eguchi (aka F.S)
Info: 16 pages, mostly PNG format; ~1755×2470, 16mb
Download Chapter 2: ( Hotfile )

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Here’s the next chapter of Haruka Hikawa, in which she reminisces about her youthful days at college… where she was gang-raped by some guys pretending to be in a photography club. Translated by Kidneys and edited by me.

Again, I don’t have much to say about it… it’s kinda cute and silly, or rather, as cute and silly as a rape scenario is going to get… and I like the art style.

Again, my raw scans of this book can be found either elsewhere on the forums, or on my blog, as usual.

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