[Mashumaro Jyuubaori] ALICE – First (Jap – Re-Scan – Hi-Res)

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Title: ALICE – First
Artist: Mashumaro Jyuubaori
Info: 178 pages, mostly PNG format, ~1755×2475 pixels, 218mb
Download: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )

So here’s an oldie but a goodie, it’s the Japanese version of Mashumaru Jyuubaori’s ALICE – First (later localized into English as “Alice in Sexland”), now in hi-resolution, super clean form. As with most of the things I scan, this is one I plan to re-edit into english using the existing translation. I’ve already started, actually, so it might not be that far off before I post the first couple chapters, but anyway…

If you’re not familiar with this one, in a nutshell, sort of a hentai parody of Alice in Wonderland, in which Alice is a former sex slave who has escaped her captors and follows Bunny the rabbit girl down the rabbit hole, and winds up in crazy sex land. Lots of futa and other odd things (like furniture with wangs that rape people). It’s considerably lighter in tone than most of Mashumaru’s work (last couple chapters of this book excluded), though it does retain a lot of the S&M-esque clothing and visual aesthetics that he’s well known for.

Oh, and of course, I do also have ALICE – Second and will be doing the whole scanning/re-editing thing for that as well.

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