[Black Dog] The Grateful Dead – Complete (Eng – Re-Scan – Hi-Res)

Title: The Grateful Dead (Complete)
Artist: Black Dog
Info: 118 pages, PNG format; ~2165×3020, 133mb
Download: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )

This book is a compilation of most of Black Dog’s train groper doujin… well, the Sailor Moon ones, anyhow. Anyway, it contains the following:
-Goo Goo Dolls
-Yo-Yo Ma
-Lovers (which is a chapter exclusive to this book)

So, I started re-editing this thing almost a year ago, and after a few chapters, I basically just kind of got tired of editing Black Dog stuff, and it’s been hard to pick it up again since. The fact that there was a loli chapter in the middle that I wasn’t particularly fond of didn’t help matters either. But I did eventually manage to just suck it up and finish it, and so now, here it is, the whole thing’s done.

Content wise, it’s all your standard Black Dog pseudo-rape (on a train). Goo Goo Dolls has a lot of Saturn in it, so, loli there, obviously. Enigma’s somewhat of an oddity, being an FLCL parody (all loli) and has nothing to do with the whole train troper theme.

Also, thanks to Phantom for translating the little prologue thing at the beginning, as well as the Lovers chapter at the end. I’d like to thank him personally, but he seems to have basically ignored all my blog comments and emails I’ve sent him since he gave me the translation… oh well…

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