[Mashumaro Jyuubaori] ALICE – Ch.1-2 (Eng – Re-Scan – Hi-Res)

Title: ALICE – First (Chapters 1 and 2)
Artist: Mashumaro Jyuubaori
Info: 46 pages, mostly PNG format, ~1755×2475 pixels, 66mb
Download: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )

Here’s the first two chapters of my re-edit of the ALICE series, using my newer scans of the Japanese version. I decided to take a few liberties as far as far as the original translated dialogue was concerned, as it had a lot of “country bumpkin” type speak, and all the WOWIE ZOWIE GOLLY GEE type crap (particularly from the Bunny character). There’s a few other changes here and there to just generally make it sound a little less silly/closer to the original Japanese dialogue (using my very very very very very limited ability to read some kana and stuff). It’s hard to outline all the changes, but anyway…

Content wise the first two chapters are pretty much all futa. First chapter with Alice being sexed by a wall made of futas, and the second with her becoming a futa to “unlock” the “door”… er… yeah.

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5 Responses to [Mashumaro Jyuubaori] ALICE – Ch.1-2 (Eng – Re-Scan – Hi-Res)

  1. Ehud says:

    Awesome. Many thanx Bubbadg. Are you going to do Alice Second (Sexland Extreme) too? Hope that every thing is ok with your house.

  2. Saitama says:

    Any chance of doing this same thing with the American uncensored release? This comic did get a legitimate translation/release through Eros Comics.

    • bubbadg says:

      What same thing? I think you misunderstand what I’ve done here. I have taken the Japanese version of the book, scanned it, and re-edited the Eros translation (with some minor alterations) into it. What this means is you get a hi-resolution, non-butchered version of this book, in English. Yes, you will have to deal with some very MINOR censorship here, but I think the benefits far outweigh that particular cost.

      Besides which, even if I wanted to scan the American localized version of this, it’s been out of print for years, and essentially impossible to get.

  3. Wushan says:

    Man, bub – you’re a £$%%^£ legend!

    Also, can we have them in MOV format? PNGs are too static. ;)

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