[Shiwasu No Okina] Sei So Tsui Dan Sha Ch.2 (Eng – Re-Edit – Hi-Res)

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Title: Sei So Tsui Dan Sha (Chapter 2)
Artist: Shiwasu no Okina
Info: 32 pages, mostly PNG format; ~1765×2475, 34mb
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Previous Chapters:
Download Ch.1: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )

The story of Ryu and his magical, detachable penis continues, as the three girls find more uses for it… in particular, using it to essentially turn themselves into futanari. Ryu’s mom is also revealed to be kind of a spaz.

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6 Responses to [Shiwasu No Okina] Sei So Tsui Dan Sha Ch.2 (Eng – Re-Edit – Hi-Res)

  1. Oliver says:

    Thank you for the re-scan, Bubbadg ! :)

    To be frank, I’m torn, I have a terribly huge preference for uncensored hentai whenever it is possible. It’s a sort of porn version of Coleridge’s suspension of disbelief theory, when I read uncensored hentai I know I can let my guard down and not be wary of terrible disappointment at peak moments, and I enjoy the whole manga a whole more, it’s a very different mood.
    And your version, of course, includes censorship.
    Of course, it’s just very little censorship, but censorship nonetheless.

    On the other hand, the current complete version available at everyone’s home (I do hope, at least) is entirely uncensored.

    I hope that, some day, I’ll manage to convince H9E to get to decensor this manga, I ping him about it from times to times :D

    Sorry for the wall of text, thank you SO much once again, in short ! :)

    • bubbadg says:

      I’ll be honest with you, I kind of hate the whole practise of decensoring things, which is why I didn’t bother attempting to reproduce TCup’s decensoring of his original translation (nevermind the added workload to what is already a ridiculously labour intensive edit job). Mostly what I hate though is this bizarre… “expectation” that the vast majority of western consumers of hentai material have that EVERYTHING needs to be uncensored, and that the censorship is some sort of horrid blight on the world that causes them to whine incessantly about it everytime it appears.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not PRO-censorship, and I very much appreciate it when things are naturally available in uncensored, or even less-censored forms, but on the whole, I seriously just don’t think it’s that big of a deal. As for the practise of decensoring things, I feel like it’s a form of tampering with the source material that is entirely unnecessary. Especially since the forms of censorship which you CAN easily remove (black/white bars) are the kinds that are the least obstructive in the first place, whereas the kinds that are MORE obstructive (complete white-outs or pixellation) are effectively impossible to “remove” and so require things be redrawn entirely (which is something that almost never happens, and when it does, is almost always fucking horrible).

      I understand what you’re saying as far as the whole suspension of disbelief thing is concerned, but to me, I find it far more distracting knowing that someone has effectively “faked away” the censorship in Photoshop. No matter how close it might come to what the ACTUAL source manuscript looks like without the censorship, it’s still been tampered with.

      That all being said, you’re welcome to your opinion I guess, though it is an opinion I will never fully understand. But it does also kind of upset me to know that there are people out there who would RATHER have the low-res, “decensored” version to mine, which is obviously an improvement in almost every other respect. Anyway… if you choose to try and get H9E to decensor it, I mean, I’m not going to try and stop you or him or complain about it or whatever, but I also have absolutely no interest in it either.

      • Oliver says:

        Your reply is fascinating.

        Of course I disagree, that’s no surprise. But still… I’m fascinated.

        You wrote the words “hate it” about a practice meant to make the h-mangas better – fascinating.

        I don’t see that as a form of degradation or betrayal of the original art, censorship is not wanted by the artists, this is imposed by the law. Most artists cheat with censorship as well as they can, for instance some of them drawing stuff above the censorship bars, like liquid projections. I’m not trying to be an arrogant westerner imposing my view on an Asian product when I want an h-manga decensored when it’s possible or when I decensor it myself, I think that my behaviour reflets the wishes of the mangaka himself.

        If the Coleridge mention doesn’t work well, how about a comparison with music ? You wouldn’t like a tune in which some harmonics are censored and replaced with blank noise, even if that’s not very noticeable ?
        How to say it… Music is a flow, and an h-manga, when you read it with pleasure, the process of reading it is also a flow.
        I suppose this is different for you, but for me, stumbling upon a censorship bar breaks my flow, my brain starts working hard to figure out the missing parts or forcibly concentrate on the rest of the drawings. My reading pleasure is lessened.

        Of course, to each his own, your opinion strongly differs from mine and it’s just a matter of point of view, there’s no definite truth in this matter (I think these two lines should be imposed at the end of every comment posted on the internet, to avoid flame wars, lol), but, nonetheless, your comment was… fascinating :)

        • You missed his point. And nice use of the word “fascinating” to try and hide your condescension.

          • Oliver says:

            So what’s the point I’m missing ?

            And I’m not showing condescension. I had no idea it was possible to reject censorship, at most, I think it was possible to not see the interest and show no preference toward it. Discovering it was possible to think the contrary of what I think, on this subject, was a shock for me.

            It’s not math, it’s personal taste. Bubbadg is as right as me. Of course.
            Does that mean I must avoid the subject unless I want to look like I’m showing condescension ?
            Fuck it, it’s interesting to see someone thinking so differently ! Of course I’m showing interest !

          • bubbadg says:

            He was pointing out the fact that your use of the word “fascinating” seemed incredibly condescending, and honestly, I felt the same way too.

            I never said I DISLIKE things being UN-censored, which is to say, the natural state in which those materials exist before they are published, and are very occasionally published as such. I said I hate two things:
            1) The fact that a large portion of the western audience for hentai complains constantly about the censorship, which is annoying and tiresome; and
            2) That I hate the practise of people DE-censorsing things, by which I mean, attempting to re-draw and/or Photoshopping away censorship. And the reason I dislike this practise, as I’ve already made clear, is because you are unnecessarily tampering with the artwork. Yes, I’m sure the vast majority of authors would prefer to have their work released in an uncensored state, but I feel like having non-Japanese people on the internet artificially accomplishing that goal using Photoshop was not what they had in mind.

            I can say that, personally, as an artist, if I were faced with that kind of censorship, I would probably not want people fucking with my shit in that particular manner (of course, I think the larger issue for mangaka is the fact that people are scanning/translating their stuff in the first place, but that’s a whole other thing entirely).

            Think of it like this: What if some country had some bizarre arbitrary law against using the colour red in paintings, and so I was forced to either not use red, or otherwise remove or hide it in the final released version of my work. And then after release, someone from some other country comes along, buys my painting, and puts the red back in that they THINK I intended to have there… What if they did it wrong? What if it looks nothing like how I intended it to look? I realise this is an incredibly retarded and farfetched example, and you can usually glean from context which part of the genitals or whatever is being blacked or whited out, but it’s the principle at heart that I’m concerned with.

            Also, you didn’t need to RE-explain what you meant by the whole suspension of disbelief thing. I got it. I SAID I got it. What I said in response, and what you kind of ignored, was that TO ME, having someone tamper with the artwork in that particular manner was a BIGGER distraction than the censorship was in the first place.

            I have been enjoying hentai manga and doujin and anime and whatever else for probably about 10 years, and censorship has never bothered me to the extent that it seems to bother most non-Japanese people. Rather than complaining everytime I encounter censorship, I instead just expect everything to be censored to some degree or another, and when by chance it is naturally UN-censored (or less censored than it otherwise could be), I am pleasantly surprised rather than demanding that everything should be like that.

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