[Black Dog] Echoes – Act 2 (Jap – Re-Scan – Hi-Res)

s1d5.turboimagehost.com/t/6799645_000.png s1d5.turboimagehost.com/t/6799647_013.png s1d5.turboimagehost.com/t/6799671_030.png
Title: Echoes – Act 2
Artist: Black Dog
Info: 58 pages, PNG format; ~2170×3010, 51mb
Download: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )

And now for Echoes – Act 2, it’s more older non-Sailor Moon Black Dog stuff! Again, a compilation of the following:

  • Betterman! – This one may be exclusive to this compilation, I’m not sure, obviously it’s a Betterman parody.
  • White Album – Kare Kano Parody
  • Cream – Parody involving loli characters from a few different series, specifically: Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura and Nadesico.
  • A bunch of other miscellaneous omake, including pinup sketches of more lolis, short comic things, and a very short 2-page FF7 thing with Tifa

This book has a LOT more rough sketchy type stuff than the first Echoes, or rather, contains nothing but. Not so much a fan of the “Cream” portion of the book, due to the just blatant loli rape, but whatever. The other two are decent enough though… but that’s just my opinion.

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