[U.R.C (Momoya Show-Neko] U.R.C Maniax 5 (Jap – Hi-Res)

Title: U.R.C Maniax 5
Artist: Momoya Show-Neko (Circle U.R.C)
Info: 226 pages, mostly PNG format; ~2185×3030, 319mb
Download: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )

U.R.C Maniax is a compilation reprint of the following U.R.C books (in order of appearance in the book):

  • In Sangoku Musou 2 – Which is itself a smaller compilation of 3 different stories:
    -Nikyou Dakkansen
    -Son Shoukou no Junan
    -Ah! Getsuei Sama!
  • In Sangoku Musou – Rikuson Gaiden
  • In Sangoku Musou – Chousen Gaiden (I’ve also seen this title romanized as Hyoudan Gaiden and Tensemi Gaiden, both of which I believe are incorrect, because: 1) The romanized title on the back of Maniax 5 says “Chousen Gaiden”, and 2) The woman in this book’s name is Chousen in the Japanese version of Dynasty Warriors (and her Chinese name is Diao Chan); see this Wikipedia article. I’m guessing these incorrect titles come from a mistaken reading of the kanji or something?)
  • Extasy 2 (unlike the rest of the compilation, which are Dynasty Warrior parodies, this one is a Sakura Wars parody)

So, first off, this one is “technically” not a re-scan. While all the doujin within this compilation have been scanned individually, in their original printings, this compilation as a whole has not yet been scanned, as far as I know. That being said, it’s all the same stuff, minus the full-sized colour covers… which sucks, but oh well. On the plus side, the censorship is lessened quite a bit in these versions, so that’s nice.

I should probably also mention that the spread pages present in this book were very very screwed up (it’s just painfully obvious that both sides were drawn on seperate pages, and don’t really match up properly). I did the best I could to stitch them together, without attempting to redraw huge portions, but yeah… I don’t think this is unique to the compilation though, if the one in Musou Morochin is any indication (and is just as bad), I think the way U.R.C does their spread pages in general is just kinda borked.

Anyway, content wise, there’s some rape, some group sex, some yuri, some transgendery stuff (accompanied by some brief tentacle rape), but overall, the majority of content here is pretty vanilla.

Finally, two reasons I decided to scan this book now: 1) Until SOME GUY who has a bunch of my books gets around to sending me the rest of them, I’m out of Black Dog, and 2) A friend of mine who is learning Japanese asked for something from my collection of stuff to translate… something not terribly difficult, and that’s already been translated before, so he has something to compare to. Most likely, we’ve settled on some U.R.C stuff, and in particular, U.R.C books that have somewhat… questionable translations (so that we can attempt to make them better), and, well, all three of the Dynasty Warrior parody books in this compilation qualify. So yeah, that’ll happen sometime in the future… maybe.

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