[U.R.C (Momoya Show-Neko)] U.R.C Maniax 6 (Jap – Hi-Res)

Title: U.R.C Maniax 6
Momoya Show-Neko (Circle U.R.C)
234 pages, mostly PNG format; ~2185×3030, 326mb
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U.R.C Maniax 6 is a compilation reprint of the following U.R.C books (in order of appearance in the book):

  • Seisai Muzan (Dynasty Warriors parody)
  • Hakudakueki Gensou GANG BANG MARCH (Gun Parade March parody)
  • In Sangoku Musou 3 – Which is itself a smaller compilation of 3 different stories (all of them DW parodies):
    -Shinki-sama no Hisokana Tanoshimi
    -Rikuson-chan to Osake
    -Kitegetsu Daihyakka
  • Orihime-chan de Go (Bleach parody)
  • Rikuson-chan Lovery Gunshi no Himitsu (another DW parody with transgendered Rikuson)
  • Crab Pot (another DW parody with transgendered Rikuson; the kanji for this one’s title (蟹鍋) literally translate as “Crab Pot”, though if you wanted that in romanji, I believe it would be something like “Kani Nabe”… though I could be wrong. Presumably this is some sort of copybon type thing that wasn’t intended as a “proper” full-length, higher quality thing, hence why it’s reprinted here at super small size with 4 “pages” per page. Which is why I’ve released a seperate extra hi-res version of this part of the book with the “pages” cropped to individual images.)

So here’s another URC compilation book. Like Maniax 5, this compilation’s never been scanned before, but the individual books within have (except for Crab Pot, I think… I know I’ve seen scans of it before, but they were also from this compilation). Though, as I mentioned before, the Maniax compilations seem to have somewhat less heavy censorship than the individual books did. I think that’s all I have to say about that.

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