[U.R.C (Momoya Show-Neko)] Nouhime Midare Chou (Jap – Re-Scan – Hi-Res)

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Title: Nouhime Midare Chou
Artist: Momoya Show-Neko (Circle U.R.C)
Info: 34 pages, mostly PNG format; ~2160×3030, 58mb
Download: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )

Here’s another small U.R.C doujin re-scan. This one’s a Sengoku BASARA parody. The featured character here is “Nouhime”, which means “Lady Butterfly” (hence all the butterfly imagery on the cover and whatnot), who is Oda Nobunaga’s wife. Apparently she shoots dudes with guns, which would explain the, er… “sticky” looking flintlock pistol she’s holding on the cover.

Other than that, I have no clue what’s going on here, as this has never been translated. She comes in all shibari’d out, has sex with some young guy, and then a bunch of dudes have sex with her all at once. Good times I guess?

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3 Responses to [U.R.C (Momoya Show-Neko)] Nouhime Midare Chou (Jap – Re-Scan – Hi-Res)

  1. Got yourself a fan says:

    I’d like to give my thanks to you bro for doing all this hard work and sharing it with us. Very nice of you. I’ve been a huge U.R.C. fan every since this circle started their work and unfortunately some of their stuff wasn’t very high quality. These things you are putting out is insanely nice, so again very much appreciated and hope you keep this thing alive. Are you by any chance able to get some works from “Urotan” or Udon-Ya”? their work is incredible.

    • bubbadg says:

      I’m glad you appreciate what I do.

      As for the other things. Well, the name Urotan didn’t really ring any bells, and upon searching my collection of scanlations and stuff, it made sense why I didn’t recognise it. From what I can tell from the few things I’ve seen of his, it looks like he does a lot of loli-esque stuff, which isn’t really my thing for the most part. Granted, it looked better than most loli out there, but still not really something I’d want to invest the time and money in re-scanning, sorry.

      Udon-ya on the other hand is a circle I’ve been fond of ever since people started translating those Monster Hunter parody doujin, so I looked them up on the usual place I get my doujin from and they have a pretty good selection at not-too-horrible prices. In particular, I’m going to try and get the compilation volume of Monhan no Ero Hon that has books 1-5, and then the single volumes of 6, 7, 8 and 10. The older stuff by Udon-ya like the Fate/Stay Night parodies I don’t remember liking all that much, and they were also considerably more expensive (the ones that were even available, that is), so I’m probably gonna pass on those for now.

      Also hopefully managed to pick up a potentially new-ish Black Dog book while I was at it.

  2. Got yourself a fan says:

    Yes Urotan does indeed do some loli stuff which i’m not very interested in either, but he does do some other works as well which are by far anything but loli lol, his Newmanoid Cam and To Heart works are very well done. Udon-Ya’s Monster Hunter books are phenomenal, its great to hear that you like their work.

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