[U.R.C (Momoya Show-Neko)] Shinki Ranbu (Jap – Re-Scan – Hi-Res)

s3d3.turboimagehost.com/t/8562594_000.jpg s3d3.turboimagehost.com/t/8562610_027.png s3d3.turboimagehost.com/t/8562618_029.png
Title: Shinki Ranbu
Artist: Momoya Show-Neko (Circle U.R.C)
Info: 38 pages, mostly PNG format; ~2170×3030, 61mb
Download: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )

And again, with the U.R.C re-scans. Title’s the same deal as the last one, and could be translated as “Shinki’s Wild Dance”. Again, been a while since I read the translated version, but it’s something along the lines of Shinki doing some exhibitionist type stuff at the behest of her feudal lord… doesn’t need a more detailed explanation than that. Though I will just mention of page 27: “Dat ass :E”

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