[Udon-ya] Monhan no Erohon G1 1-5 Soushuuhen (Jap – Hi-Res)

Title: Monhan no Erohon G1 1-5 Soushuuhen
Artist: Udon-ya
Info: 202 pages, JPEG format; ~2155×3030, 325mb
Download: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )

Now for something that’s not a U.R.C re-scan, it’s Udon-ya’s first Monster Hunter compilation! While the books it’s compiling have all been scanned for quite some time, this compilation itself has not been, as far as I know. Title’s not especially complicated… all the previous Monster Hunter parodies he’s done have been called “Monhan no Erohon #” (Monster Hunter Erobook), and 1-5 means it’s compiled books 1-5 (including book 4’s “preview” thing), and “Soushuuhen” translates as Omnibus. Not sure what G1 means… maybe Generation 1? I dunno.

Anyway, I’ve been a pretty big fan of Udon-ya’s Monster Hunter parodies since for a little while now, and someone asked in my comments not so long ago if I planned to scan any of his stuff, so I decided to pick up a few books and this is one of them. If you’re not familiar with any of them, it’s generally the same sort of theme as a lot of Black Dog or U.R.C’s stuff with the whole hentai pseudo-rape deal. I will say I’m not a huge fan of the Monster Hunter games, but the outfits (which Udon-ya goes to great lengths to fetishize) are very nice in this context, so it has that much going for it at least.

As for this book in particular, like I said before, it’s a compilation book, and quite possibly one of the most well put-together doujin compilations I’ve ever seen. It has brand new artwork for the covers (on a slip jacket no less), and reprints all the individual books’ cover art in full colour at the beginning (along with some other miscellaneous CG). And then of course the contents of the books themselves are fully intact (minus a few of the omake and whatnot). But of course, the main thing here is the resolution and scan quality for these books is now significantly upgraded.

The only “downside” to Udon-ya’s stuff, sadly, is the fact that he prints everything with tonal shading, which makes getting a truly “clean” scan pretty much impossible. I’ve done my best to go light on the leveling and smooth it out as best I could, but ultimately you just can’t get something as clean as a book that’s printed with dot shading. It of course also meant that to avoid ending up with a final product that was 500+mb, I had to forego my usual PNG format and save everything as JPEG. The compression quality is at the very least as high as I could go without severely inflating the file size (arguably 325mb is still rather large, but it’s at least in the same range my scans usually are, and they are 300dpi after all).

Anyway, sorry for the extra blah blah here (TL;DR and all that). Enjoy your Monster Hunter fappage.

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