So, if I can direct your attention to the black navbar thing up above here, you might notice a few new links there. I’ve added some new “list” pages there to (hopefully) make finding some of my older releases a little easier than just going back through all my posts chonologically.

First off is “U.R.C Re-Scan Collection”… title should be fairly self-explanitory. This is where I will archive all links to U.R.C doujin I’ve scanned. If I ever do any re-edits of this stuff, those will go there as well. Not meant to be quite as all-encompassing as what I was attempting with the Black Dog page, but it’s the same sort of idea.

“Completed Translations”, again, is just that. Anything I’ve worked on that has been translated to completion (that isn’t U.R.C or Black Dog) can be found here. My re-scans of the raws are here as well.

“Raw Re-Scan List” is where links to my re-scans that are either not going to be translated/re-edited, or are not yet finished being translated/re-edited, will go. Things that are currently in progress with some chapters released will still just stay on the main blog until it’s complete, and then obviously posted to the Completed Translations page.

Anyway, yeah, that’s it. If you have any feedback or suggestions on how to make this new system of archiving old stuff better, feel free to comment, and I might try to improve things. Oh yeah, also, I realise that a lot of the older stuff just has Hotfile links (some with two-part files, no less). I’m going to work on getting Fileserve mirrors as well as replacing the two-part things when I can, but on my slow connection it’s going to take some time.

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