[Hiroshi Eguchi] Haruka Hikawa Ch.4 (Eng – Hi-Res)

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Title: Amazing Sufferings for Haruka Hikawa Ch. 4 (Hikawa Haruka no Amazing na Junan)
Artist: Hiroshi Eguchi (aka F.S)
Info: 15 pages, mostly PNG format; ~1755×2470, 16mb
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Previous Chapters:
Download Ch. 1-4: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )

And now for another (extremely belated) chapter of Haruka Hikawa! I’ll gloss over the usual “kidneys was busy, blah de blah, also I’m lazy hurf de durf” bit. In this one, a challenger appears… and arranges for her rival Haruka to be “raped” by two dudes from the “Handsome Guys Club”. Sort of a cliffhanger ending, but I’m sure you can guess what happens next.

Fortunately, I’ve already got the translation for chapter 5 from kidneys, so any further delays on it are entirely my fault :D

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3 Responses to [Hiroshi Eguchi] Haruka Hikawa Ch.4 (Eng – Hi-Res)

  1. hoccus says:

    My thanks goes out to Kidneys and to you Buddadg for the share and editing/scanning. Great work here.

  2. Ehud says:

    Awesome. Many thanx Bubbadg and Kidneys.

  3. Cube says:

    Hey, is there any mail where we can contact you? I’m looking for someone to scan a doujin, and was wondering if you’d be willing to do it :D

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