The Great Black Dog Library

This “article” here is meant to serve as a sort of repository for all information pertaining to Black Dog’s work that I’ve been able to find, or deduce on my own, including release dates, trivia, and download links for scans of both raw and translated versions of the books, when I can find them (or scan them myself).

I make no claim that this is 100% complete or entirely accurate, but I do the best with the resources I have at my disposal (namely, the information in the books themselves, Mugimugi’s Doujinshi database, Wikipedia, places I order doujin from, and the help of others). If you find any information here to be incorrect, or find that I’m missing something, please let me know in the comments, and I’ll see to making the appropriate changes.

Please note: That this article is still very much under construction, and for the time being, the download links are pretty limited. I’ve only included links for the books I’ve already re-edited or scanned. I plan to eventually add links for the books I will probably never re-edit/scan (either because they’re extremely difficult to find or expensive).

Eventually, it is my goal to have re-scanned and re-edited as many of Black Dog’s books as possible, and this includes the early Submission books which I’ve already re-edited with someone elses’ scans (those scans were better than the really old ones, but still not quite up to my standards now that I’m scanning Black Dog books myself). However, the older stuff that’s been more poorly scanned/edited is my first priority.

Finally, there is some more information about Black Dog, and my thoughts on his work, below the “list” portion of this article. Read it if you’re interested.

The List:

First off, it may be worth noting that I have this list seperated into Sailor Moon, and non-Sailor Moon doujin, and within these two lists, the books are ordered by their original release date. Next to the book name, I’ve put the original release date, and then most recent reprint date (that I know of).

In brackets with the original release date I’ve put abbreviated names for the conventions the books are released at. C# = Comiket, CR# = Comic Revolution, SC# = Sunshine Creation and C1☆# = COMIC1☆. At the very bottom is also a short list of the collaboration doujins he’s done with other circles.

A series of question marks means I have no available information there. A question mark next to some information means it’s something I haven’t 100% confirmed to be true.

Submission Mercury – ???
See Star Platinum Compilation.

Submission Jupiter – 1993/11/23?

Submission Scribbles – ???
See Echoes – Act 1 Compilation.
Submission Mars – 1994/04/10 – 1994/06/05
54 pages; 1133×1600, 21mb
Download English Version: ( Hotfile )
Download Raw: ( Hotfile )
See Love Deluxe Compilation, this will later be re-scanned and re-re-edited there later.
Submission Mercury Plus – 1994/08/07
50 pages; 1133×1600, 20mb
Download English Version: ( Hotfile )
Download Raw: ( Hotfile )
See Love Deluxe Compilation, this will later be re-scanned and re-re-edited there later.
Submission Jupiter Plus – 1993/11/23 – 1994/09/23
42 pages; 1133×1600, 17mb
Download English Version: ( Hotfile )
Download Raw: ( Hotfile )
See Love Deluxe Compilation, this will later be re-scanned and re-re-edited there later.

Heaven’s Door – 1994/12/28 (C47?)
Refers to Bob Dyllan’s song “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door“.
See Love Deluxe Compilation.
Submission Venus – 1995/05/25 – 1996/05/26
74 pages; 1133×1600, 28mb
Download English Version: ( Hotfile )
Download Raw: ( Hotfile )
See Star Platinum Compilation, this will later be re-scanned and re-re-edited there later.
Killer Queen – 1995/12/30 (C49) – 1996/02/25
Title refers to Queen’s song “Killer Queen“.
82 pages; 1133×1600, 32mb
Download English Version: ( Hotfile )
Download Raw: ( Hotfile )
See Star Platinum Compilation, this will later be re-scanned and re-re-edited there later.

Love Deluxe (Compilation) – 1996/03/24  – 2000/07/23
Title refers to the album “Love Deluxe” by the band Sade.

  • Submission Mercury Plus
  • Submission Jupiter Plus
  • Submission Mars
  • Heaven’s Door

I already own this book, so it will be re-scanned eventually.

Submission Saturn – 1996/12/10 (C51?)
See Gold Experience Compilation.

Submission Sailormoon –
1997/08/17 (C52?) – 1997/10/10
See Gold Experience Compilation.

Baby Face –
1997/12/29 (C53?) – 1998/03/15
Title is either a reference to the song “Baby Face” by Harry Akst and Benny David, covered by numerous rock and jazz musicians, or U2’s song “Babyface” off their Zooropa album.
See Gold Experience Compilation.

Star Platinum (Compilation) – 1998/05/19  – 2000/07/23
Title refers to the Tarot card “The Star“.
Compilation of the following books:

  • Submission Mercury
  • Submission Venus
  • Stray Cat: Title is a reference to the band Stray Cats.
  • Killer Queen
  • Black Sabbath: Title is a reference to the heavy metal band Black Sabbath.

I already own this book, so it will be re-scanned eventually.

Cheap Trick – 1998-06-14
Title refers to the band Cheap Trick.
The content of this copybon was included in Magician’s Red, though the cover page is missing from it.

Magician’s Red – 1998/08/16 (C54?) – 1998/09/21
Title refers to the Tarot card “The Magician“.
38 pages; ~2165×3015, 54mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )
Already translated, will be re-edited into English eventually.

Sheer Heart Attack – 1998/12/30 (C55) – 1999/03/21
Title refers to Queen’s third album, “Sheer Heart Attack” (one of the singles from which was Killer Queen).
66 pages; ~2170×3025, 92mb for hi-res version
English Hi-Res Re-Edit: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )

Submission Sailorstars Junbi Gou? – 1999/12/26 (C57) – 2000/01/20
This is an vastly incomplete version of Submission Sailorstars, which was not finished until almost three years later. It starts without the Sailor Saturn intro portion, and ends at the point where the whole group sex part of the book starts in the full version (page 46). The title page is sketchy and unfinished, as are several other aspects of the book; namely, the shading and background tones are missing in a lot of areas. This version doesn’t have anything that isn’t included in the full thing, so unless you’re really into collecting every little thing, you probably don’t need this one.

Oasis –
1999/11/03 (CR26) – 1999/11/23
Title refers to the band Oasis.
See The Grateful Dead Compilation.
Gold Experience (Compilation) – 2000/08/13 (C58?) – 2000/11/23
Title refers to Prince’s album “The Gold Experience“.
Compilation of the following books:

  • Submission Saturn
  • Talking Head (Mini-chapter exclusive to this compilation): Title refers to the band, Talking Heads.
  • Submission Sailormoon
  • Baby Face
  • Judgement (Short chapter exclusive to this compilation): Title refers to the tarot card “Judgement“.

194 pages;  ~2180×3025, 227mb
English Hi-Res Re-Edit: ( Hotfile Part 1 ) ( Hotfile Part 2 )
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )

Goo Goo Dolls –
2000/05/14 (CR27) – 2000/06/03
Title refers to the band, the Goo Goo Dolls.
See The Grateful Dead Compilation.

Green Day – 2000/12/30 (C59) – 2001/02/21
Title refers to the band Green Day.
30 pages;  ~2175×3025, 37mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )
Already translated, will be re-edited into English eventually.

Tohth –
2001/05/13 (CR29)
Title refers to the Egyptian deity Thoth. Though it’s mispelt as “Tohth.”
See The Grateful Dead Compilation.
Atom Heart Father –
2001/08/12 (C60) – 2001/09/15
Title refers to the Pink Floyd album “Atom Heart Mother“. And no, Black Dog wasn’t the one who got creative with the title, the Stand is Atom Heart Father in JoJo’s.
34 pages, PNG format; ~2165×3020, 33mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )
Already translated, will be re-edited into English eventually.

Yo-Yo Ma –
2001/10/28 (CR30) – 2001/11/15
This one actually isn’t a Stand from JoJo. It’s just a direct reference to the Chinese cellist Yo-Yo Ma.
See The Grateful Dead Compilation.

Red Hot Chili Pepper – 2001/12/30 (C61) – 2002/01/31
Title refers to the band the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
30 pages; ~2170×3025, 40mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )( Megaupload )
Already translated, will be re-edited into English eventually.
Submission Sailorstars (Complete) – 2002/08/11 (C62)
154 pages; ~2165×3035, 264mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )
Already translated, will be re-edited into English eventually.
Anubis – 2002/05/12 (CR31)
Title refers to the Egyptian deity Anubis.
18 pages;  ~2170×3025, 25mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )( Megaupload )
Already translated, will be re-edited into English eventually.

Another One Bites The Dust – 2002/12/30 (C63) – 2003/02/15
Title refers to the Queen song, “Another One Bites The Dust“.
34 pages; ~2175×3020, 56mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )
Already translated, will be re-edited into English eventually.
Diver Down –
2003/04/29 (CR33) – 2003/05/18
Title refers to the fifth album by Van Halen, “Diver Down“.
18 pages; ~2170×3025, 29mb
English Hi-Res Re-Edit:
( Hotfile )( Fileserve )
Japanese Hi-Res Raw:
( Hotfile )( Megaupload )
The Grateful Dead (Compilation) – 2003/08/17 (C64) – 2003/09/21
Title refers to the band, The Grateful Dead.
Compilation of the following books:

  • Oasis
  • Goo Goo Dolls
  • Enigma
  • Tohth
  • Yo-Yo Ma
  • Lovers (Exclusive to this compilation): Title refers to the Tarot card, “The Lovers“.

118 pages; ~1150×1600,  ~2165×3020 133mb for hi-res version
English Hi-Res Re-Edit: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )
Hierophant Green – 2003/12/30 (C65) – 2004/02/15
Title refers to the Tarot card, “The Hierophant“.
30 pages; ~2180×3025, 39mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )
Already translated, will be re-edited into English eventually.
Burning Down The House – 2004/08/15 (C66) – 2004/09/22
Title refers to the Talking Heads song, “Burning Down The House“.
34 pages; ~1150×1600, 12mb for resized version; ~2175×3025, 37mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )
Already translated, will be re-edited into English eventually.
Sex Pistols+ –
2004/12/30 (Non + version released, C67) – 2005/03/15
Title refers to the band The Sex Pistols.
38 pages; ~2180×3025, 48mb – English version translated and edited by Ayane.
Hi-Res Re-Edit: ( Hotfile )
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )
Aqua Necklace – 2005/08/14 (C68)
This one appears to not actually be a direct reference to anything, as a Stand in JoJo’s. Though I speculate that it may partially be a reference to “Aqualung” by Jethro Tull, but I could be wrong.
38 pages; ~2170×3010, 59mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )
Already translated, will be re-edited into English eventually.
Super Fly – 2005/12/30 (C69)
Title refers to the Curtis Mayfield’s third album, and soundtrack to the film “Super Fly“.
30 pages; ~2175×3015, 47mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )
Already translated, will be re-edited into English eventually.
Cream Starter+ – 2006/08/13 (Non + version released, C70) – 2006/12/15
This is apparently a reference to the song “Firestarter” by the band Prodigy, which is a song I’m familiar with, but I’m not sure I would have made the connection to this title.
30 pages; ~2170×3010, 51mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )( Megaupload )
Already translated, will be re-edited into English eventually.
Pearl Jam – 2006/12/31 (C71)
Title refers to the band Pearl Jam.
38 pages; ~2170×3010, 52mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )
Already translated, will be re-edited into English eventually.
In A Silent Way – 2007/08/19 (C72)
Title refers to the album, “In A Silent Way” by jazz musician Miles Davis.
42 pages; ~2175×3025, 53mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )
Already translated, will be re-edited into English eventually.
Sky High –
2007/12/31 (C73)
Title refers to the song “Sky High” by the band Jigsaw.
42 pages, PNG format; ~2170×3020, 75mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )
Already translated, will be re-edited into English eventually.
Beach Boy – 2008/08/17 (C74)
Title refers to the band, The Beach Boys.
46 pages; ~2170×3010, 66mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw:( Hotfile )( Fileserve )
Already translated, will be re-edited into English eventually.
Scary Monsters –
2008/12/30 (C75) – 2009/02/18
Title refers to David Bowie album, and song of the same name, “Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)“.
42 pages, PNG format; ~2175×3015, 74mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )
Already translated, will be re-edited into English eventually.
Tubular Bells –
2009/08/16 (C76)
Title refers to the album “Tubular Bells” by Mike Oldfield.
34 pages; ~2170×3010, 52mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )
Already translated, will be re-edited into English eventually.
Tower Of Grey – 2009/12/31 (C77) – 2010/02/22
Title refers to the Tarot card, “The Tower“.
50 pages; ~2180×3025, 72mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw:( Hotfile )
Already translated, will be re-edited into English eventually.

Dark Blue Moon – 2010/08/15 (C78)
Title refers to the Tarot card, “The Moon“.
I’ll probably be ordering this one to do my own scan in the next few months.

Non-SM Parodies

Submission V Gundam – ???
See Echoes – Act 1 Compilation.
Echoes (Compilation) –
1996/08/03 – 1997/03/20
Title refers to the Pink Floyd song, “Echoes“.
44 pages, PNG format; ~2155×3010, 50mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )
Already translated, will be re-edited into English eventually.

This is a compilation of some of Black Dog’s earliest work, most of which are Evangelion parodies that featured as part of other circles’ books, I believe. The chapters are as follows:

  • Please Do It (Evangelion Parody)
  • Male Cuisine: Eating Ayanami (Evangelion Parody)
  • Male Cuisine: Eating Asuka (Evangelion Parody)
  • Submission V Gundam (Mobile Suit Victory Gundam Parody)
  • Submission Scribbles (Sailor Moon Parody – this is an early sketch draft of Submission Jupter I think)

White Album – 1998/10/31 (CR24?)
Kare Kano Parody
Title refers to the Beatles’ “White Album”.
See Echoes – Act 2 Compilation.

Cream – 1999/05/16 (CR25)
Parody involving loli characters from a few different series: Namely, Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura and Nadesico.
Title refers to the band Cream.
See Echoes – Act 2 compilation.
Echoes – Act 2 – (Compilation)
– 1999/08/15 (C56) – 1999/09/15
Refers again to the Pink Floyd song, “Echoes”. Note that in JBZ, there are three Stands called Echoes (Act 1, 2, and 3), though there are not multiple “acts” of the Pink Floyd song (though it is a very long song that probably could be divided into seperate parts).

58 pages, PNG format; ~2170×3010, 51mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )
Already translated, will be re-edited into English eventually.

Compilation of the following:

  • Betterman! – This one may be exclusive to this compilation, I’m not sure, obviously it’s a Betterman parody.
  • White Album – Kare Kano Parody
  • Cream – Parody involving loli characters from a few different series, specifically: Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura and Nadesico.
  • A bunch of other miscellaneous omake, including pinup sketches of more lolis, short comic things, and a very short 2-page FF7 thing with Tifa

Enigma –
2000/10/29 (CR28) – 2000/11/15
FLCL Parody
Title refers to the “Enigma” musical project.
See The Grateful Dead Compilation.
Spice Girl – 2002/10/06 (CR32)
Azumanga Daioh Parody
Title refers to the girl pop group, the Spice Girls.
22 pages; ~2170×3020, 15mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )
Already translated, will be re-edited into English eventually.

Stone Free – 2003/Spring (CR33?)
Jarinko Chie Parody
Title refers to the Jimi Hendrix song “Stone Free“.
Weather Report – 2003/10/05 (CR34) – 2003/10/26
Genshiken Parody
Title refers to the band Weather Report.
18 pages; ~2175×3015, 20mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )
Earth Wind And Fire – 2004/04/29 (CR35) – 2004/05/31
Onegai Sensei Parody
Title refers to the band Earth, Wind & Fire.
23 pages; ~2175×3015, 26mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )
Planet Waves – 2004/10/03 (CR36) – 2004/10/31
Onegai Sensei Parody
Title refers to the Bob Dyllan album “Planet Waves“.
19 pages; ~2175×3025, 25mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )
Atum – 2005-04-24 (CR37) – 2005/06/21
School Rumble Parody
Title refers to the Egyptian deity “Atum“.
19 pages; ~2175×3025, 26mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )

Dragon’s Dream – 2006/04/23 (SC31)
Noein Parody
Title refers to Thom Brennan’s album, “Dragon’s Dream“.
I’ll probably be getting this one to re-scan eventually, but it’s not a super high priority.

Soft Machine – 2007/04/30 (COMIC1☆)
To LOVE-Ru Parody
Title refers to the band Soft Machine. Incidentally, Soft Machine’s name is itself a reference to the book, “The Soft Machine” by William S. Burroughs.
I’ll probably be getting this one to re-scan eventually, but it’s not a super high priority.

Man in the Mirror – 2008/04/27 (COMIC1☆2) – 2008/07/05
Lucky Star Parody
Title refers to the Michael Jackson song, Man in the Mirror.
22 pages; ~2180×3020, 36mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )
Already translated, will be re-edited into English eventually.

Survivor – 2009/04/26 (COMIC1☆3)
Strike Witches Parody
Title refers to the band Survivor.
22 pages; ~1150×1600, 12mb for resized version; ~2175×3020, 34mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )
Already translated, will be re-edited into English eventually.
Chocolate Disco – 2009/08/16 (C76)
K-ON Parody
The title, for once, is not a reference to western rock/pop music. It apparently refers to the song “Chocolate Disco” by “Perfume“, which is a Japanese technopop band.
30 pages; ~2170×3010, 46mb
Japanese Hi-Res Raw: ( Hotfile )( Fileserve )
Already translated, will be re-edited into English eventually.

Azunyan to Dokidoki Chikan Densha – 2010/04/29(COMIC1☆4) – 2010/06/20
K-ON Parody
Unlike almost every other Black Dog doujin, this title doesn’t seem to be a reference to anything. “Azunyan” refers to the featured K-ON character, Azusa, having worn cat ears at one point or something, Dokidoki is the Japanese onomatopoeia for heartbeats, and Chikan Densha means train molestor/pervert. I dunno why he’s foregone his usual naming convention here… it’s not like he’s run out of Stands to pick from, and it’s not like he doesn’t just pick them at random half the time anyway.
I’ll probably be getting this one to re-scan eventually, but it’s not a super high priority.

Collaboration Books:

Untitled Nausicaa Parody – ???
Black Dog did an untitled Nausicaa parody for some sort of doujin compilation with other authors I think. I have no further information about it, really. I think it’s somewhat recent (as in, 2008ish) but I’m not certain. Takehiro translated it mid-2008, and I actually didn’t even find the raws until somewhat recently.
Since I will probably never find a hard copy of this, I will put links up to what I have available later.

Midgard <Ing> Submission Sailor Moon After – 2008/04/27 (COMIC1☆2)
I have little information on this one. It’s a short collaboration doujin Black Dog did with Circle Outer World, who’s well known for his long running Ah! My Goddess parody series. In it, Outer World did a short Sailor Moon parody, and Black Dog did a short Ah! My Goddess parody.
Links to scans I found will be added later.

Ai ga Tomaranai – Maria-sama ga Miteiru dake – 2009/04/26 (COMIC1☆3)
I have no information on this one, other than release date, and the fact that it was another collaboration with Circle Outer World. I don’t even have scans for this.

Submission Sailormoon After – 2010/03/21 (Comiket Special 5)
Another collaboration doujin with Circle Outer World, a bit longer than the other one. It appears to be a continuation of the first one they did, with Outer World doing more Sailor Moon, and Black Dog doing more Ah! My Goddess parody. I read a description somewhere of the Sailor Moon story as something like… it’s a post-Sailor Moon story with Usagi and Mamoru having been married for several years, Usagi puts on her old Sailor outfit and they sneak out for some sex in a park, and a bunch of creepy dudes watch from the bushes… That sounds about right.
Links to scans I found will be added later.

About Black Dog:

Almost all of Black Dog’s book names are references to “Stands“, which are magical powers in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. These Stands are themselves references to some Tarot cards and Egyptian deities, but most of them are western rock/pop musical references (either band, song, or album names). Black Dog’s own author/circle name is almost certainly a reference to the Led Zeppelin song of the same name, which I’m not sure is a JoJo reference or not, since I can’t find anythong on it. So it’s possible Black Dog is a a fan of rock music as well, or is familiar at least some of the things the Stands are referencing… but then again, who knows? Anyway, in listing the references above, I’ve just gone straight to their end source, and not mentioned the whole JoJo connection, since as I said before, basically ALL of these are from there. The only exception to this general naming convention is his early “Submission” series, where it’s referring directly to which Sailor Senshi is involved.

I’d be lying if I said I recognised ALL these references off the top of my head, but I am familiar with most of them. Regardless, I did quite a bit of consulting with Wikipedia, and for the sake of simplicity, I’ve just linked to the appropriate article there as required.

Finally, on to a little bit of information/history about Black Dog (what little I could find and put together, that is).

Black Dog, or Kuro Inu (which is Japanese for Black Dog), is a doujin author/circle. “Circle” being what they call the groups that produce doujin in Japan, they’re quite often just made up of one artist/author, as is the case for Black Dog. I’ll admit that I know very little about the author himself; I don’t know what his actual name is (or if he’s ever even made it public), and to my knowledge, he does not produce commercial manga works, pornographic or otherwise. Though he has occasionally released short works as part of other circles’ books.

He’s most well known for his series of Sailor Moon parody doujin, which he has been producing since around the time the anime originally aired in Japan, and has continued to do so to this day (the anime ran from 1992 to 1997). He’s been releasing one new Sailor Moon based doujin at almost every Comiket since he started, and occasionally even more at other conventions like Comic Revolution, and as you can see from the list above, that adds up to quite a lot of books over the years. He also does other parodies on occasion, and usually releases these at other conventions as well.

Black Dog’s early work in the “Submission” series is of particular note, because of how much emphasis is put on the plot driving the story along, and in light of its blatantly pornographic content, I’d say it’s even on par with a lot of non-porn manga. It’s not just a throwaway setup preceding a rape fantasy, it’s a whole overarching “mythology” he’s created for these characters that continues from one book to the next… which just happens to be pornographic in nature. Essentially, he created his own self-contained story arc, where the antagonists are all male descendents or leftovers from the Dark Kingdom, whose goal (aside from the obligatory goal of world domination) is to get revenge on the Sailor Senshi. This all culminated in the 154 page long epic “Submission Sailorstars”, with the length alone being something almost never seen for a single doujin manga, but the second half of the book is also completely devoid of any porn content. Clearly, this was Black Dog’s one last shot at some serious Sailor Moon fanwork before moving on.

After the Submission series ended (and even with some of the side-story stuff before it ended), for the most part, the books became less driven by serious stories, and more focused on just the porn part. This is not to say that they are of any less quality than the earlier stuff, but it is a definite shift in the KIND of content you’re looking at here – and Black Dog is still a master of erotic content, first and foremost. And even though he never went back to the more elabourate narrative structure again, he still continued to build upon, and create new aspects to his own little parody version of the Sailor Moon universe.

Black Dog’s work was quite possibly the first doujin I’d ever encountered, and so has a special place for me because of that. Despite the fact that I’m really only somewhat familiar with the actual Sailor Moon manga or anime, I’ve grown to appreciate Black Dog’s own little “mythology” he’s created for the series, as perverted as it may be. If anything, I’ve become more of a Sailor Moon fan almost entirely because of Black Dog. This is not something I can say for pretty much any other doujin artist out there (Studio Kimagabuchi may be the one other exception, but that’s a different thing entirely), because most of the time, the series a doujin is parodying is completely irrelevant to me, and very few parody doujin actually get me interested in finding out more about its source material.

Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little project of mine, or at least it a little bit educational/interesting. Failing all of that, I suspect you’ll at least find the download links for everything useful once they’re all there.

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  1. krooos says:

    Thanks alot for all the hard work so far, been following your blog since a year ago , looking forward for new high quality scan ^^ up!!

  2. rorirub says:

    The only thing I can mention is that you should change the comics layout so it is easier to browse (table with small thumbnails, or list them per year, and not as SM/non-SM separately? just some ideas.). It’s gonna be a total bitch to compare this list to what I already have, although if I followed your blog right, I should have everything (I’ve sent you folder lists about it awhile ago).
    One thing I don’t have are un-watermarked covers for Scary Monsters, but that should be moot once you rescan those. Unless your copy is a different print.

    There is a Jojo wikia, you should look that up if you can’t figure out some of the references. Wikipedia had a list too, but it looks like it was taken down.

    I don’t think there’s any other info I can add that you don’t know already by this point, perhaps other than Submission Mercury/Jupiter being later extended in the ~ Plus books. (similar to Sex Pistols + I guess)

    • bubbadg says:

      First off, everything will have thumbnails when it’s done and everything is re-scanned. As for a table, I don’t really like that idea. And as for how to organise them… sorry, but I like this way. Everyone is going to have their own personal way to order things, and I can’t comply with everyones’ wishes, I can only work with what works best for me.

      As for Scary Monsters, yes, I will have an unwatermarked version obviously. It is different printing from the original scan I believe, but the cover is identical. The content inside is just more mildly censored and shading is improved in some areas.

      I’m aware of the Jojo wiki, I didn’t find it very helpful. As for the Wikipedia page, if you check the links in the beginning of “About Black Dog”, there’s one for the archived version of that huge list before Wiki douches deleted it.

      And yeah, I’ll probably throw in a little blurb eventually about the Plus/Non-Plus versions of books, though I think I went over some of that already in my other Black Dog article linked to on the menu bar.

      • rorirub says:

        I only took a quick look at the article (to be honest I’m not keen on reading it through since I know 99% of it) so I didn’t notice those wiki links.

        I’m pointing out the Scary Monsters watermark because the site that did it just took random scans and edited them for their place. I’ve seen many books from that time frame getting the same treatment, and with a little search I’ve always found the original scans. However with Scary Monsters, the edited copy got so widespread that I couldn’t ever find the original. So it’s kind of a thorn in my side.

  3. rorirub says:

    Also, Submission Mercury – 1993/10/03, 32 pages total, and Submission Jupiter – 1993/11/23, 36 pages. There is quite a lot of info about Black Dog, you just have to search in japanese, otherwise you get Led Zeppelin fansites.

    Submissino V Gundam is 1993/11/21, and 12 pages. Submission Rakugaki Bon followed up with 14 pages, in 1993 but not sure what month.

    • bubbadg says:

      Thanks for the clarification on publication dates. I don’t need page numbers though, that will be sorted out when I actually post my scans of those things.

      Actually in the cases of those particular books, they’re all being re-scanned as part of compilations (sorry, I don’t feel like spending 15,000 yen on an original copy of Submission V Gundam), except the original Submission Jupiter which was never reprinted anywhere… presumably it’s not as big a change as it was from Mercury to Mercury Plus (where it was completely redone basically).

      Also, is Submission Rakugaki Bon the one I had listed as Submission Scribbles? That’s what it was translated as in the Echoes compilation.

      • rorirub says:

        Oddly enough I don’t have that Echoes compilation so I can’t check for sure, but the date fits, and rakugaki means scribble, so yeah, its probably the same thing.

  4. Black dog fan says:

    Damn, thanks for this.
    I been to Black Dog’s profile page at circle and sent him a request for him to expand the story plots for Beach Dog and so. I would like to see Sailor Mars joining in and the old pervs invoking some demons to fill in all the girls holes. But I don’t know if he cares about fan requests.
    Anyhow, thanks again for your effort, I added you to my bookmarks and would appreciate if you shoot me a mail when you update your site.

    • bubbadg says:

      Not to be rude, but I’m sorry, I really can’t be bothered to email people about when I update things here.

      Isn’t there some sort of RSS feed thing you can subscribe to on the sidebar of it? I don’t know if it works or not because I never use that shit, but maybe it’s something you could look into if you really want to be kept aware of updates here.

    • Blitz says:

      Did you send the message in Japanese or English? if it’s the latter, he is probably more likely to ignore your email as he probably will think you’re just a westerner that downloads his works and does not contribute to his income anyways.

      In my opinion, he is unlikely continue Beach Boy with Mars, as that would probably involve incest (something Black dog is not particularly fond of) or an awkward scenario . My evidence for this: rei’s grandpa passes out during pearl jam, rei’s abscence during Beach boy and usagis father passes out in burning down the house. The only incest doujin I recall him doing was aqua necklace, and the incest was short.

      I do like the idea of monsters and the five sailors doujin though. We haven’t had a douin like beach boy with monsters for like a decade if memory serves me well.

      • bubbadg says:

        Don’t forget about Atom Heart Father, where Saturn’s identical daughter has sex with her father, that scientist youma guy (whose name I can’t recall). Granted, that whole thing is supposed to be a dream sequence or whatever induced by some tentacle monster, but still.

        • Jesus Araiza says:

          BlackDog has his self-imposed limits, (he’s never actually included ChibiUsa either and I think he at least is somewhat partial to incest) me, I have always liked he has never crossed the line to really violent, abusive, hurtful sex, (I don’t like that kind of shit), I remember having read a full article in a really well done Sailor Moon Fansite where BlackDog was basically pictured as the worst doujinka ever because the content of Atom Hear Father, though, I guess thats the way it is.

          • bubbadg says:

            There’s an interesting blurb by him about the extent to which he prefers to take things in his doujin rape-wise, at the end of the original Submission Mercury in the Star Platinum compilation.

            I can understand why people would take offense to that particular brand of incestuous rape scenario, with sexual abuse of children most often being committed by family members or acquaintences, it’s the kind of thing that really disturbs a lot of people. That being said, “worst doujinka ever” because of THAT? Gimme a fucking break. You can’t throw a rock in Japan without hitting a hundred other pieces of hentai media more disgusting than that.

    • Jesus Araiza says:

      since Blackdog usually puts some dialogue in sex scenes, it would be interesting what he has to say to his grandaughter, LOL, I hope he draws something like that late, dream sequence or not.
      We’ll have to wait.

  5. Jesus Araiza says:

    Thanks for this man, it was very interesting, Black Dog is one of my favorite hentai artists and have been following his work for nearly a decade, its great to see someone putting so much effort in sharing info about him and his works, I’ll be waiting patiently for the “Burning down the house” book since Usagi (Serena, as we know her in Mexico) is my favorite Senshi and BDTH, my favorite Black dog doujinshi, can I know which one is your favorite? I mean, which senshi and doujinshi, hope you don’t mind me asking this; I look forward to your comments and it would be nice that we can keep in touch

    • bubbadg says:

      I will probably be releasing my raw re-scan of Burning Down the House fairly soon, actually, among a few other things.

      As for which senshi and doujin are my favourite… well, er… senshi’s sort of hard to say. Either Jupiter or Mars I guess. In Black Dog’s doujin their personalities and body types are all pretty much identical, so mostly it doesn’t matter in that regard. I’m not a huge fan of the actual Sailor Moon series, but in that regard I’d probably have to settle on Jupiter.

      My favourite Black Dog doujin… also kind of hard to say. I really like Submission Sailorstars, Sheer Heart Attack and Diver Down, from his older stuff. More recently I like Beach Boy, Cream Starter+ and Scary Monsters. So yeah, my answers are a bit wishy-washy, but whatever.

      • Jesus Araiza says:

        Thanks for your reply, I guess you’re right in that to have an actual favorite senshi you have to know them from the series, I’m not a super fan either, but I saw the whole TV show, I liked its light hearted tone and Drawing style (I didn’t like the manga much,precisely because is too shojo for me). What other series would you like Blackdog to release a work from? I wanted to see an Ah! megami Sama parody by him but that wish came true fairly recently (I liked it btw, just a little too short for my taste, but can’t complain)

        • bubbadg says:

          To be honest, I actually don’t watch/read all that much non-h anime/manga these days. I’m trying to think what the last “new” anime series I watched was, and it was probably Gurren Lagann… and that was what, 3 years ago? I don’t find myself watching anime or whatever and going, “Oh man I wish this thing would get an h-doujin parody!” because the quality of the doujin is entirely dependent on the author, and rarely has anything to do with what it’s parodying.

          That being said, certain series lend themselves better to allowing more “fantastical” scenarios to occur, which is often what I’m interested in seeing. For example, Black Dog has done tentacle sex (Red Hot Chili Pepper), futanari (Submission Sailorstars) and light bondage (Diver Down), all the kind of fetishy stuff I like seeing occasionally, and wish he’d do more of. But yeah, I dunno, I think Sailor Moon has that right blend of comedy, conflict with monsters and magic that allows for a broad range of interesting content.

          That being said, if I really HAD to pick something else that I think would be interesting for him to do a parody of… I dunno, maybe the Dirty Pair or something? Or maybe one of Jouji Manabe’s manga series, like Outlanders or Drakuun. This is all old, unpopular stuff at this point though, so the chances of it happening are basically nil. (Hmm… I wonder if Jouji Manabe ever did porn parodies of his own manga…)

  6. Blitz says:

    Pretty awesome that you have a whole page dedicated to black dog and his works.

    I’m Huge Fan of Black dog here as well. He’s the only h doujin artist whose releases I anticipate and bother keeping track of. I probably have every single one of his works on my pc. Perhaps it’s because his doujins were amongst the first I encountered when I was young, or perhaps it’s because I’ve grown too fond fond of his art style after so many years of looking through his releases.

    In my opinion, his art has gotten much better in the last 6 years or so. Although his past stories are superb and in many instances excel his recent releases, the art for his past stories is not as good as the art of his new ones. I believe his new releases are a lot more cleaner, detailed and polished than his old ones.

    Is the “pearl jam” you have in possession and planning to rescan the revised version of the Doujin (less censor)? If so, I’m looking forward to a high quality eng release.

    For his comiket winter release, I think it’s likely we will see either a mars release, a venus release or a combination of the two. I attribute this, to dark blue moon being continuation to tower of gray and taking place in the same setting.

    • bubbadg says:

      I’m pretty much the same way in terms of how long I’ve been a fan. Granted, he isn’t the ONLY artist I keep up on, but he’s definitely the one whose releases I most look forward to the most after Comiket.

      Unfortunately, the version of Pearl Jam – and its sequel Beach Boy – that I have are not the revised reprints. It’s possible that these books are among the only ones to never be reprinted in that fashion, or it’s possible that I just got really unlucky. The only book I have that I KNOW has been reprinted, where I don’t have the reprint version, is Super Fly… which is unfortunate, but I suppose I’ll still end up editing it with my scans rather than the other ones.

      Also unfortunately, there’s no way to tell if the book you’re ordering is the reprint version or not… at least not from the sites that I order my doujin from. If there was, I’d consider re-ordering these books, but as it is, if I re-order them I just risk getting non-reprint versions again.

      • Blitz says:

        I have scans for the reprint of Pearl Jam, so the books are definitely out there. Let me know if you would be interested on them, so I can email them to you.

        Resolution for the doujin is 1050×1500

        • Jesus Araiza says:

          if its not too much trouble I would really like to see your version of Pearl Jam, Blitz, didn’t know there was one, either, I can send you a PM with my email if you let me. See ya around

        • bubbadg says:

          I would be interested in having them, even if I don’t end up using them to re-edit instead of my own scans (which I almost certainly won’t), it’d be nice to have them just for completion’s sake.

          So yeah, either you can just post a hotfile/megaupload/whatever link here, or you can email it to me at:
          bubbadg (at) anonymous-scanner (dot) net

    • Jesus Araiza says:

      I agree with you 100% about his drawing style, I also like his recent works much more than his old ones (that were really good already) it would be nice if he re-did his old books (the ones covering the nice story arc) with his new technique, but I guess thats nearly impossible, (I think they would sell really well, though)

  7. Stewarts says:

    Hey , I’m a big fan of his too, I’ve been following his work for at least 11 years that I can remember.
    I love what you did with this page, I think you could add the info of those who have been translated in English and those who haven’t yet, would be helpful to some.
    You could mention that Weather Report was also made into a flash manga and he also did cameo work for Harricane Volt.

    • bubbadg says:

      Well, the reason I haven’t added info on which ones have been translated into English yet, is because eventually, I will be re-scanning all of them, and re-editing them into english. As I explained already at the top, this “library” is under construction, and will become more complete as I scan and re-edit more things.

      I forgot about the Weather Report motion comic thing… perhaps I’ll have to add that later (I think I still have it downloaded).

  8. Blitz says:

    Pearl Jam 2 is out.

    A bit disappointing to say the least.

    • bubbadg says:

      Disappointing in what way? I mean, I plan to buy and re-scan it eventually anyway, so I probably won’t bother reading it until then, but I’m just curious as to why you think it’s a disappointment.

      • Jesus Araiza says:

        if you guys want to know my opinion, I liked it A LOT, since the artist was building up this sexual encounter por months, (I don’t remember if years), for me, one of my favorite BlackDog SM doujins, and since Rei is not my favorite Senshi, that is saying a lot, I recommend it, Bubbadg

  9. Blitz says:

    IMO there was too much foreplay, not enough sex, anal (which I dislike) and the second portion of the book felt incomplete. I didn’t really like that there were two separate stories either. I felt dark blue moon was a much better doujin. A matter of preference I suppose.

  10. i am says:

    you dont like anal? huge fail

  11. Blitz says:

    Tower of gray was translated:

    Was surprised that it was not by phantom, but I guess people just got tired of waiting for his release.

    • bubbadg says:

      Ah, thanks for the heads up on that. It’s nice to see they used my scans too, though I’m not thrilled at the fact that they didn’t release it hi-res, since they did at least work with my hi-res scans.

      And yeah, it sucks about Phantom not doing it, because I know he was planning on it, and had probably already started it. Maybe he’ll still do it anyway, depending on how far he got, but I dunno, he hasn’t really been doing much Black Dog stuff lately. In the past year he’s just done Hierophant Green I think, and he still hasn’t given me the PSD files for that so I can release the hi-res version of that… oh well.

  12. Taylor says:

    Just a head’s up: Black Dog has 2 new doujins out for COMIC1☆5:

    Another schoolgirl on a train doujin featuring Fuka Ayase from Yotsuba&!

    A new fold-out collaboration with OUTERWORLD: Features Mami Tomoe from 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ (Magical Girl Madoka of the Magus)

    • bubbadg says:

      Yeah, my list is kind of at risk of becoming out of date… I still haven’t added Pearl Jam 2 to the list yet either. Though in my defense, I theoretically have a copy of that coming to me sometime in the future, so I was kind of waiting for that before I noted it here.

      As for the new stuff, the Yotsuba one looks like it might be decent, so I’ll probably try to get a copy sometime. As for the Midgard collaborations… those are problematic. They’re almost impossible to get ahold of, and I believe there are still some that have never been scanned. Hopefully that won’t be the case for this one, but yeah…

      Anyway, thanks for the info.

  13. Jesus Araiza says:

    heads up, Pearl Jam 2 is translated, for the ones (like me) that liked that work, see you around

  14. Taylor says:

    Black Dog’s August release for Comiket 80 will be Venus’ turn in the Tower of Gray/Dark Blue Moon arc. Titled: “Yellow Temperance”

    Prelim sketches:

    Glad the Yotsuba&! doujin got released…but it looks like no one with the intent to scan has gotten a hold of that new BD/Outerworld fold-out.

    • bubbadg says:

      Thanks for the heads up on that.

      And yeah, those short Black Dog/Outerworld fold-outs are really hard to come by, I’ve actually never seen them for sale where I order my doujin from. I do have the longer one they did at the last COMIC1*, though I suspect that one had a larger print run.

      The Yotsuba&! one looked good, so I’ll get that for re-scanning whenever I can. I’ve had Pearl Jam 2 for about a month now and just haven’t gotten around to doing it yet (as well as the aforementioned Outerworld collab), and then Dark Blue Moon I’m still waiting for as part of a bunch of stuff I ordered with someone else. Not that anyone’s scrambling desperately for my re-scans anyway, but they’ll all be done in time.

      And of course, this is why I haven’t bothered to update the list here with the newer stuff in over a year…

  15. Revenant says:

    I love BD’s style, but he gets pretty repetitive.

  16. Blitz says:

    Yellow temperance is out.

    Just a heads up if you didn’t know..

    • bubbadg says:

      I download and read it the day it was posted already, but I appreciate the heads up anyway.

      Looks like quite a lot of unfinished shading in that one, so I’m definitely gonna try and get the reprint version later if I can.

  17. Not Anonymous says:

    Any chance you could scan in higher quality? Nobody scans in such high quality as you but that doesn’t mean you can’t out do yourself. 1200+ dpi? Thank you.

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    • bubbadg says:

      I think just for fun what I’ll do is start scanning stuff at 1200 dpi and then resize it to 800 pixel height and save the files at lowest quality jpeg, y’know, just to keep filesizes down :D

      Assuming that you might be at all interested in a more serious answer/explanation though, there are basically two reasons I don’t scan at any higher resolutions than this:
      1) 300dpi is standard print resolution, and so presumably, by scanning at higher dpi you’re not actually picking up any additional detail, just increasing the pixel count and filesize (which MIGHT be desriable at some point in the future, but is kind of unnecessary still)
      2) I’ve experimented with higher dpi scanning in the past and found that it just takes far too long for the scanner to physically scan things at higher than 300dpi. It currently takes about 30-60 seconds per page to scan; compared to 600dpi which I recall took probably around twice that, and 1200 was around four times that.

      It could also be argued that a well-scanned, well-cleaned, and not horribly compressed 1600px tall scan, when scaled up to the same size that I release at does not look THAT much worse – just as a well-produced DVD on a good player doesn’t look that much worse than Blu-ray. But of course, in a lot of cases, the original scans of the things I do are not very well done, even when the resolution isn’t super low.

      Anyway, blah blah blah.

  18. Not Anonymous says:

    Thanks for your answer bubbadg. Personally if it was me, I’m such a big fan of Black Dog I would probably scan at 2400 dpi. I’m personally more into the great artwork tho.

    High resolution is great if you like to do editing or stuff like this… Check out the large preview images.

    Login screen for linux

    SVG monster manually traced×1080-monster-1.svg

    Other stuff with svg traced with software

    • As bubbadg said, there is little point in scanning that much higher resolution. It does not add anything, and in many ways is actually harder to edit, and not just because of the considerable extra time involved.

      Also, there is a big difference between creating high res art from scratch and scanning printed matter at high res. Keep in mind as well that a single page at 2400 dpi would be roughly 24000 x 16000 pixels. no one would even download that.

  19. Not Anonymous says:

    But also you know that in a 300dpi image if you have a 100×100 part you wanna blow up for like a wallpaper then in a 2400dpi scan it would become 800×800 which really is small by all accounts. It’s a lot of work that I wouldn’t expect anyone but myself to do but as a huge fan I would.

    I’m eternally grateful for your guys work I think it’s amazing what you’re doing. I think this is an interesting discussion and I would like to discuss it more but I don’t wanna seem like I’m begging or anything which I’m not. I’m just giving you my one humble opinion.

    Did you get a chance to see the login screen I edited? What you think????

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  20. Olaf says:

    Thank you so much! This page is a great resource. I happened across it when the Lexicon was unavailable. Black Dog is quite a phenomenon. His stuff inspired me to start importing doujinshi instead of just downloading it. Your explanation of his title references was very informative. I had no idea they came from JoJo. Keep up the good work and update!

    • bubbadg says:

      Sorry, I meant to respond earlier, but uhh… stuff and things. Anyway, I’m glad you enjoy my little collection here. Most of my information here does come from the Doujinshi Database or from the doujin themselves. The stuff about JoJo I can’t remember where I first heard about, but I did confirm it when I stumbled upon a – now non-existant – wikipedia article listing all the Stands from it, and it became pretty quickly apparent that that’s where all the Black Dog titles came from.

      I too never imported any doujin/manga from Japan until I started doing Black Dog, though I did have an intermediary step of importing translated hentai manga from the US (which was still vastly cheaper than getting stuff from Japan), but I digress. Initially I was only going to get the really old Black Dog stuff that was scanned at horribly low resolutions, but eventually I just kind of went “fuck it” and committed to getting and re-scanning everything.

      Anyway, I appologize for the lack of updates as of late, my life has been somewhat turbulent and so scanning has not exactly been my top priority. I do expect that one of these days I will just get a bug up my ass about scanning and motor through a whole load of the stuff I’ve been sitting on forever.

  21. SailorBalls says:

    Great work, thank you!!!!!!

    Little problem with a single one of your files.
    UNRAR 3.90 beta 2 freeware Copyright (c) 1993-2009 Alexander Roshal
    _Black_Dog__Sheer_Heart_Attack__Eng_-_Re-Edit_-_Hi-Res_.rar is not RAR archive

    All other files extracted fine except this one. Thank you.

    • bubbadg says:

      Alright, so I downloaded both the Hotfile and Fileserve links for that file, and tested them both. The Fileserve one was fine, but the Hotfile one was indeed corrupt. It must have been something on their side because it was literally the exact same archive that was put up on Fileserve.

      I’m not sure how long that one’s been corrupt, but it was half a year ago I posted that one, and you’re the first one to report problems with it. Anyway, I’ve replaced the Hotfile link with a new copy that should be fine now.

  22. shy says:

    Any updates on what black dog published at comiket 81?? btw.. this is a great collection

  23. Revenant says:

    Looks like all or most of the files are no longer available, due to file hosts being shut down. Is there any way to get these? I have most already, but am missing a few here and there that I’d like to pickup.


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